Chest drop predictor


Updated for team gauntlet


Thank you! :kissing_heart:

And thank you @OrcaFrost :kissing_closed_eyes:




I started at #3 and stopped at #23. Still have 17 gold chests left. Love knowing when to call it quits!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


You don’t want those 3,000 tokens?



And all of those timers??


It ain’t worth it since I’m doing 5k per day in missions. Sigils are what I’m after. Hopefully, Path’s plat stone will be mine this weekend. :heart_eyes:


I’m below 200 … no worries until 300. Gotta believe that PG will have that problem fixed by the time I get there :innocent:


I wish you luck but I’m skeptical…


Is that Luck knocking on the door? :star_struck:




Not very lucky if the forge time isn’t the same.

And the drop amounts and frequency (in chests or prizes) the same (or at least 75% of theb12 hours).

Keeping it the same means you just level to 299-300 over and over (time wise). Of it’d not the same, then it is still a good thing, but the increase was 400%.

I guess we’ll see.


I’m sure the biguns will have helped PG sort it out by Fall 2019. :nerd_face:


Yeah. I’m “sure” they will.


Updated for fort. No sign of new 24/48h timers in chests yet.


wasn’t expected. They said they would do it in future :see_no_evil:


At least current Legendary dragon rune drop isn’t cluttered with monument rune.

Though I wish they have more rage rune…


well on search for legendary rage rune, i started another hoarding , that is hoarding silver chests :man_facepalming:


Have been quite busy lately, but a predictor for silver is still in the making…


You mean you weren’t doing that already? :joy: There’s usually not really anything good in those so I haven’t really been opening mine lol.