Chest drop predictor


Updated for breeding.


No way of tracking so i always opened heads first for the hope of another legendary rage. The greedy guy i am :man_shrugging:t2:


Any chance you will be able to get it running for silver chests ? :roll_eyes:


This is the reply i suppose



I’m waiting the “update for temple raid” message… :grin:


Event only started after midnight for me, will update after work today!


Updated for temple raid :grin:


It didn’t come out as predicted …


Did you get the bonus (31st) lined up properly?


That was my bonus :woman_shrugging:

Edit: And yes, I started at 23/30 so the first chest opened was #24


Then where did you start entering in your data?




Does this mean you opened them 1 at a time?
If you open them 10 at a time you need to start entering them in a #21-30


One at a time

Edit: And I ate homemade Ma Po Tofu after


Ah okay then that should have worked. It’s unfortunate that it seems to be off, just double checking the user input was correctly input :slight_smile:


I record the opening to make sure I wasn’t imagining things.

Ate the tofu in bed while watching It’s a Wonderful Life on Amazon Prime :sunglasses:


Needs some chives on there… But yum!


Got green onions. Want the recipe? I can make an off-topic post.


It looks like it indeed wasn’t a bonus-chest placement issue, that 3hr x50 isn’t anywhere near the double black pearl drops. It looks like the predictor thought your black pearl drop was nr 22 on Orca’s list, while it actually was nr 34.

Do you happen to have a screenshot of the whole bit above, with what you entered? There might be something in there that helps me find out where the predictor went wrong.

–edit: I see you posted you actually started entering at 24. The predictor shouldn’t have given a prediction that quickly, with only one legendary drop known. There are some funky things that can happen when the new event starts and there’s still (invisible) data from the last event sticking around, I think that must’ve happened here.

I’ll work on a fix for that, until then my advice is to always use the ‘clear all’ button before filling in a new set, that way you’re 100% sure no data from last time lingers.

edit 2: And apologies for the botched prediction, fortunately the drops weren’t too bad.


Thanks. I’ll do clear all again :hugs: