Chest drop predictor


is that possible to predict sigil chest drops also which will come next week ?@mechengg


Wrong tag I guess.
This is Morreion’s :wink:


sorry , just tagged first time in forum lol


@Morreion can we do this in sigil chest which will come next week , if yes , we dont need to waste rubies on hoping for 5k sigil drops lol


I will have to see what the structure looks like next week, we didn’t have orcafrost extracting it yet last time. If the structure is simple like gold chests I will surely add it. But if it’s structured like silver chests I won’t be able to.


As simple as Gold chest


i am ok with orca research also , if he can do that structure on sigil chest too , hope orca will update as soon as possible.


Updated for feeding


Updated for Fort


@morreion can u update it for pits


Updated for Fight Pits


if possible… @Morreion :grin:



Will do tonight, the raw data wasn’t up at midnight yet and currently at work :grin:


I’m addicted to this thing :pray:t2:


Finally updated


Just recently I started using this predictor and oh lord, this is so convenient! Saved me many times and helped to catch best deals :ok_hand:t3:
Just wanted to say thank you for keeping this updated at all times :hugs:


:eyes: Do you have any idea when this will be updated for fort?


Momentarily! I’ve been slacking.




@Morreion is it updated for feeding