Chest drop rate of pvp attacks

on last pvp event i havent got any chests from some attacks and asked to the support why i am not getting any chests from attacks and they said because they have drop rate and it is not guaranteed drop…im playing over 1.5 years and first time i havent got any chests from pvp attacks…since when pvp attack chests has have drop rate?can someone explain it???and on second note what is the possibility of having no chest drop for 2 super in a row and 1 normal attack

The chances of not getting drops for three attacks in a row are a lot bigger than the chances of having them drop every run for 1.5 years, so consider yourself extremely lucky. I’d say at least 10% of runs doesn’t drop chests normally.

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The same as no chest drop for 3 run (monument) plus no chest reward for 9 run (occasional rewards after each run)

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