Chest drop rate

Has the rate of chests drops changed? A few of my team mates and myself have been hunting chests constantly since the treasure hunt has started. We have managed to find a few chests. Personally iceman managed to get 7 chests out of almost 100 runs.

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Are you hitting high level bases? approximately 3x your ap?

Total agreement! My team got next to nothing in chest numbers in the whole Treasure hunt phase. I was getting up to 4 chests per run last week, now it takes 40 Runs to get that many… and then when they’re opened… another bloody hammer! I complained, but this seems to happen every Treasure Hunt. Somebody is putting the decimal point in the wrong spot!!!


Are you attacking the same base repeatedly? Or was this just a problem in the treasure hunting phase? Both my accounts have found a lot of chests today…

I’d jump for joy if I got hammers in chests.

Go through a hundred or say daily, hammers are needed

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One hammer? Whoopee

Different bases, higher levels, challenging. Like I said, last week up to 4 per run, this ‘Treasure Hunt’ nada! My whole team reported same drop in drops

Same here… sometimes i get more if i attack invader
Challenging bases drop max 1 chests per run or mostly no chests.
Invader giving sometimes none but sometimes 3-4

Hmmm wonder why the discrepancy

I get roughly 1 (or just below) / run averaged out over a large amount of runs.

Not really noticing a big change in drops. Wonder why certain players are.

I am level 56 and i noticed big change in chest drops. I was getting 2 per run on an average an now i seem to be getting 1 per 2 runs.
Few of my teammates also concur with me so i think drop rate has been modified.

I’ve followed a team mate on the same base. He gets an average of 2 to 4 chests per run on the same base. Whether I lead or follow, I get 0.

Are you the same level as your teammate or higher level?

I also average at least one per run

My team mate is 100 levels above me

@Arelyna Has PG ever looked into cases where individual accounts might be bugged when it comes to RNG? It’s been confirmed in other games before, but I don’t know about War Dragons.

Also, DeAdZ0nE, are you using the same or lower powered dragon than your teammate is for runs on the base?

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Using the same level dragons.

Well into the KOTH Event and the chest drop rate is back to normal, approx 2 per base. PG replied to my complaint and said there was nothing wrong and that according to their records I had received a total of… 11 chests in 2 days! OMG! I usually get that in five RUNS! They think it’s NORMAL to get 11 chests in 2 days???
It’s absolutely certain that the Treasure Hunt is a Treasure Haunt… all in their imagination and disappears when you try to grab it. They should just get with it and check the code for typos. They’ve written in a negative value instead of a positive.

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