Chest Drop Suggestion

Okay, so this suggestion was already deleted in another post, but for some absurd reason, I decided to repost it.

I think it would be pretty cool to be able to increase the amount of chests that drop from monuments. Not a crazy amount like 50 per drop, but more like 3-5 per drop. I have three possible thoughts as to how this would work:

  • The first choice is for this could be in the form of a seasonal branch. It would be a separate branch, and it could be structured precisely the same way as the mission bonus branch, at the same analogous cost, or maybe even a tad bit cheaper. There would be some modifications to how the branch works though. Somewhere in the branch, there would be a prize to increase the drops to 2 chests. In subsequent prizes, there would be claimable prizes to increase the chests dropped from 2-3, and so on, capping at about 5. There could also be an additional prize that would allow chests to drop between events.

  • The second choice for this could be that the feature would be merged into the current mission bonus branch, some on the first line and some on the third line — before the 100% bonus, and between that and the 125% bonus… or they could all be on the first line of the branch so that players don’t have to feel compelled to proceed in the branch if they usually don’t have the desire to do so (I would fall under this category as well).

  • The third and final choice for this is that the feature could be implemented into every tier of research. If not every tier, then every tier after Garnet. This way, you don’t have too many lower levels—say, level 40s-105s—accumulating an excessive amount of chests for their level.

No matter which of the aforementioned additions are implemented, I imagine this would be immensely appreciated by numerous members of this community. It would also encourage attacks between events. If for some idiosyncratic reason, certain players don’t want to have this feature, I was thinking there could be a toggle feature somewhere to turn it off. This way, the player can still have the egg mission bonus, but not have to worry about the excess chests if they already have a satisfactory amount saved up. This was basically a replicated suggestion post of this, just with a few modifications and additions. It’s still a good suggestion overall, one of my favorites I’ve seen throughout the forums, but I just added to it.


3-5 is too much
I can’t even bribe gal into upping it to 2. Let alone 5


I’d say increase rare chests drops silver and gold plus maybe make 2 chests drop during PvP only.

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