Chest drop today

Hi anyone else getting no chest drops today have done over 30 with only onze chest on firstbrun

I’m getting tons of them. Sorry I may have taken yours.

There is a known issue that’s been fixed… supposedly a restart fixes it but i had to uninstall and reinstall to correct it

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I haven’t received any chests today. Been attacking loads but nothing

This is my biggest concern: after each and every update 7 fixes are needed, reinstalling the game every 2 weeks at best… After 3 years of development in 2017 people expect more. Way more, as the forums prove it (okay, I find half of the whining not reasonable to begin with, but the other half… well…)

I worked for an IT helpdesk so I am super understanding and patient, but when I saw my Kayla was 4 shards short it really felt like somebody slapped me with a slipper.

Chests drop so random (rarely) that i don’t even care checking the stock.

I will only keep playing while I have more fun than disappointment… As of now, the ratio is - 50-50

I must have recieved your missing shards because somehow i was like 15 over when she was maxed :thinking:

I haven’t seen one chest today in over 50 attacks and several hours of play this really sucks.

I agree the chest drop rate has been very low for me today.

There was an issue preventing drops, it required users to restart their app to resolve after it had been fixed. Have you tried forcing the game closed and seeing if that helps.

Many times. They are dropping, just not very well.

Sorry man, I’m still getting a ton of them. Are you doing normal attacks or just hitting chest bases and xp bases? I wouldn’t be surprised if either of those didn’t drop often. I’m just doing normal attacks for event. (Token + food + XP)

By chance are you getting full medal count? Have you changed your roster recently to be much more powerful?

Most of my attacks occur in Atlas against Poachers.

Confirmed I’m getting quite a bit of chests in atlas vs poachers

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I get No chests, but I Still get rubies

I had this 2 nights ago, and I spent the entire night with the CS.

Unfortunately I had to do the “uninstall - restart device - reinstall game” cycle in order to make it work.

I am getting chests in chest bases normally. I use PGKissmyAss Chest base

Fixed mine with delet and reinstall


What team
Is the base in

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You can only do this with dragon with Death Gaze
And for latest updated xp farms, egg token mission farms and chest bases, please refer to the list maintained by @Alleviates and @mechengg at


Thank you for the shoutout.

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