Chest dropchance for food items



Iam really bewildered how slow or confused your game development is. So you decided to cancel feed event with the reason it slows progress of the players. Fine so far, but why the heck you didnt change the droprate in chests for food items in the same breath. For active or players in guilds these are nearly dead items with no use in times with guild community and Atlas bank?
I opened over 200 gold chests this event (breeding) and had an average of 2 food items per stack. Jackpot… thx a lot good job guys… sry but this really pisses me off, this is just wtf. Didnt know you can use food instead of eggs now to breed your dragons…
Nearly every event, every game change you take a chance to drop a brick… what is wrong with your company?
So my final question to PG: Does nearly dead items not slow you down from progress if you get food instead of eggs or stuff for your base?

Iam curious if someone of PG will stoop to this topic and will not come arround with things like every player need and wants food packages, they cant live without :wink:

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You could avoid getting the food packs by avoiding opening gold chests during feeding :eyes:

I almost never open them during breeding. It’s either during PVP or during fortification.


Yes, but a “workaround” shouldn´t be the way to go. They should just do solid game design and we re all fine :wink:


Some people do need those food packs though :woman_shrugging:t2:

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I like having a a few food packs around for when I accidentally send all my food to the bank and still need to do runs :joy:


Why would anyone open chests during a breeding event anyway? Even during breeding the token drops are abysmal. Just grind egg missions and save chests for PvPs (or Fort if you need embers)


I was quite happy to have a nice stock of 400k and 130k food packs as I bred 4 dragons this event, so I needed to level 3 very fast. And let me tell you something: Emerald dragons eat a lot.

I could have waited 20 minutes each time, or hunt, but why waste time when I can get rid of a pretty but useless butterfly faster?

Just because you don’t seem to need them now, that doesn’t mean you won’t. Or anybody else for that matter.

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You have nearly 5 days for breeding and tell me you cant wait 20min? I guess you like to wait if you got eggs instead of food items from gold chests ;).


You could have farmed it instead. There is no shortage of 200k food bases availble to raid, and complete some egg missions and daily quests at the same time.

I agree with OP, get rid of the damn food packs from the gold chests.


Wait until you’re feeding Harbinger dragons :smirk:


Or emperion :face_vomiting:


I am so very sorry that I was salty to get Pyrochis, Kerbos, Kyrule all bred and raised to be blessed with Stormheim, whom I actually wanted to fly. I even finished one emerald egg and close to completing the second. (Builder’s hut)
That will take me to the 500 sigil mark.
Also yes, I opened 60 gold chests, got 3x 225 black pearls, timers a lot, and 2k sigils, 10k+ tokens.

@LizDrakemoor , that will happen in October. Looking forward to it!

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I wouldn’t know, not there yet :joy:

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That is quite a lot for one breeding! I did Icicle and Kyrule. Also opened a fair number of chests. Was glad for the XP potions but had no need of the food packs.


:unamused: When you are going after multiple dragons and thus are already doing a ton of runs to get them breedable in a short period of time, the LAST thing I want to do is hunt a ton of food on top of that. Not everyone is blessed to see a plethora of bases that have 200k or more food available for raiding… I’d have to do a fair amount of searching for that to pop up on my match maker.

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There’s always the atlas bank too.

Not saying the food packs have no use at all, just saying their use is not worth it in a gold chest. Keep them in the bronze. Maybe make the bronze packs bigger in recognition of how worthless 26k food is.


I tryed to breed Rhyo only, easy got the 500 sigil mark but not finished the dragon. Just to show you the other side of the medal in higher tiers :stuck_out_tongue:


You guys know there is 2x 500 sigil prizes right? lol

And BaldRabbit is in emerald, the land of the backbreeds. You get ~3 backbreeds at a cost of like ~14k tokens these days, so leveling is required for them in this event. Very timer heavy as well.


:sob: Lies!!!
I’m on Emerald too, but only have one backbreed !!! (King of Dread)


One of these breeding events I’ll go back and get some of the missing emerald dragons for extra points :joy: Oddly enough, Emerald is the tier I have the fewest dragons in, I do believe. (Vanguard doesn’t count since I can’t hatch those yet.) I’d have to double check against Harb, but yeah, don’t have many unlocked dragons in Emerald…

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