Chest dropping rate in the PvE events

Hello. I know there are a few topics about this thread but they are old and closed already. I love to collect and save my chests, and only open them at the beginning of the season. Lately have not a lot of times to grind chests out of events. I know that the chest drop rate becomes much more higher in the runs against “challenging” bases. This is a huge issue regarding the chest drops in the gauntlet event. The only chests i can collect is from the pvp island, and you know it disappears in one or two runs…

My suggestion is, just to change the chest drop rates in the events, like assuming all the pve islands become challenging for everyone. Is it possible ? @PGGalileo


I do the same as you do. But actually the chest drops on the pve Gustav islands I have found to be quite good this event. On each run on the pve Gustav islands I’ve been getting at least an extra 1-2 chests per run from destroying monuments.

Sometimes even 3-4 extra chests. If u can grind out runs on the pve islands because at least in the runs I’ve been doing chest drop for me at least has been very good this event so far

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I do believe you, and assume that you are a much higher level player than me, i mean if it affects the drop rate. For the case, this is just to show you my 4 regular runs on the Gustav island. Not even a single chest :expressionless:

And believe me: I didn’t even get a single chest since the event started it makes probably around 70 runs, nothing lesser than that.

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