Chest Drops Between Events

A major benefit for planners and hardcore grinders would be the ability to farm chests between events. It would be fantastic if chest drops could prolong after the event had ended.

To up the ante, chest drops on Tuesdays could be doubled (only continuing to be doubled during PvP treasure hunt phases) in contrast to chest drops being singular during event days.

This would be a surefire way to incentivize activity between events, and would give players who like to plan and grind extra time to prepare for future events.


Not doable

It’s been done before. I can recall spending time grinding chests after PG doubled the drops.

This is one mention of that time among others throughout the forums.

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How is it not doable? Unable to write code? PG has no desire to do it? Any other reason.

Fairly certain we had double chest drop rate around February of 2019. But not certain if coding for it was available then and not now.


It’s doable, BUT would mean pg would lower the stuff you get from chests and lower the rates of epic stuff and gold chest pops that are basically nonexistent anyhow.

But yeah for them to up the chest rate they will definitely down the resources you get from them, which basically means you will need to grind a lot more then before. And the end result will be grinders will need to hit more bases to get the same resources and everyone who hits the same as before will just get less stuff from chests

It would be nice if the double chests come up at least during the chest hunting day before the actual pvp starts, so on that Wednesday. Especially because PG tries to motivate us in their event mail to hunt for chests on that day lol.

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That could happen though…

I also believe the chests are related to events, so to have them on the other days they would either have to hold the event for an extra day and a half or start a new event that would pop chests and run that when events aren’t running, and I also believe the down time between events is used to prepare for the next event so any tweaking etc that needs to be done can be done during that time

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Again but what they will do is double the chest pops and make you all happy but they will half or more the resources you get from chests so the net effect will be you will get the same or less stuff

I didnt say it hasnt been done , it was done only under special circumstances as a compensatory solution to certain major issues we all recall .

And double chests is way too much to ask from Santa tbh

Business wise is not doable , and I dont see why they should tbh .

Why do you imagine they would do that when they’ve yet to lower the drops from them all this time, while we’ve been gaining chests naturally from events and regular attacks? I don’t think they would have any sensible motive for doing this when it’d be no different from the status quo. Clearly the economy hasn’t been a major focal point (at least not to the extent that they felt they had to lower drop values) to them regarding chests thus far, so things should continue in that manner provided the change would be very minimal.

Weird but they have done a lot of economy improvements ; not saying they shouldnt do more , but happy they have their attention at it as well

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I’m seeing this as 2 periods.

  • When event ends and before event menu vanished.
    • I’m seeing this period more as grace period, giving players enough time to claim the prizes and season prize, letting them to focus on the event during the actual event period. Hence, it’s more about using what you have than grinding more currency. While this seems technically possible (and some players exploited this in the past I believe), I doubt this will be implemented.
  • When event menu disappear.
    • As chest content is tied to then event, having chest obtained during this period does not make any sense, especially since you can’t use it regardless of your condition.

Technically, you can still grind hard to save more chests. Gets all those 10 rubies from the monuments :eyes:

We still have Atlas for those heavy grinders, and Vacation for the others.


By my understanding there’s a group of players who prefer to rather not play atlas but grind bronze instead . I find this to be one of the biggest mistakes players make cause If someone grinds glory , he gets glory and seasonal atlas prizes , does good in revive event , glory event and gear event , getting all those rss there which all together are very rewarding for the active atlas player .

strange , people want free stuff everytime , eventhough there’s always a way of hard work to gain the good stuff

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Absolutely as atlas is pointless and provides no real tactical challenge.
They do not find pointless defense of castles to be a viable long term objective so they don’t bother.
They will not grind on what they consider to be a broken map :man_shrugging:

They are not active atlas players and they prefer not to play the map……
I believe you answered your own question why would they grind in a feature for resource that support a feature they do not find enjoyment playing……
No one is asking for free stuff they are asking for the ability to play the core game using time and activity and to seek the endless objective of growth and make the core game viable for more play styles.

As far as Pg improving the economy ……was it when they added the 60 plus currencies or when they added even more pointless exotic escalating content……. or maybe it was when they added the catch up mechanics that only serve to feed the churn and burn of player retention and feed elimination while producing revenue….?
The catch up mechanics that can’t even make the game viable enough to invite a friend or family member to play with you……

Sorry they have done basically nothing to improve our economy!

They did nothing to actually address the instability and lack of balance within the economy.

Adding prizes to the mandatory event cycle and putting viable content out of reach to only the already established players or those of a particular set of play styles is not improving the economy.

Catch up mechanics do not work so while they allow a handful of players to “catch up” and be eliminated they don’t balance this economy or actually improve player retention.

The backbone of this economy is drop which has not seen a adjustment in years and drop density has never been adjusted not once in 7 plus years


Well atlas is all about challenges , so not sure this sentence here makes sense

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now you’ve gone and done it

The challenge (for me, anyway) is how long it takes to find a viable target, given alliance restrictions, glory calcs, and bypassing 600+ level taunters with max research. It takes too long. Matchmaking in main game gives you a target right away.

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A challenge with no objective can’t even be called a short term goal……:rofl:
You might be able to call it burden of play…….at best.

Well that is unless you consider burden of play a challenge then yeah atlas is super challenging. :+1:

Sorry that map has never offered challenging tactical play to anyone outside of diamond and very little of that even…… and only for short bursts or you would still be under dreadnought rule!

Ahhh but as we can see they retired for that exact reason because the game has no long term objective and no tactical flexibility!
Atlas does not support tactical play at all stages of the game which equals no competitive play and no long term player or team retention.
Or dread would still be here and they are not……

So as far as I can tell the only thing challenging here is recruiting and politics in this sad political theater.
That’s not fun for anyone outside of leadership and most of us hate it too….

Let me be in charge of recruiting said no officer ever! :rofl::+1:
Let me herd cats please with sugar on top!

I’m sorry are those flat and unimaginative cookie cutter atlas events challenging or do they just require grinding gold and troops that ultimately serve no purpose…… as you have no real viable long term objective.

The only thing that is even temporarily a challenge is forcing yourself to play atlas for gear.

And acquisition of gear that escalates quickly becomes just burden of play and after that you can basically ignore the map as it supplies no engagement beyond acquisition of escalating content that is obviously detrimental to the meta.

All I see is burden of play and repetitive escalation! :man_shrugging:
Solo flying and solo attacking and team work being made irrelevant when speed is king.

It’s about as challenging as watching paint dry and about as much work as they could possibly make it……

Regardless of what we consider challenging drop adjustments are and have been long overdue……

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Grow your base , find another less restricting team and enjoy the ride :point_left: guess I gave you a challenge