Chest drops breeding event

So I don’t remember who is collecting this info but I opened 630 bronze chests this event and my drops were as follows
Rare 3 hour: 18
Rare sigils: 32
Rare tower attack: 20
Rare egg token: 17
Rare tower hp: 22
Rare 1 hour : 18
Rare healing potions: 11
Rare Xp potions: 25
Rare food pack: 14

Epic egg token: 1
Epic 1hr speedups: 1
Epic sigils: 2
Epic food pack: 1
Epic tower attack: 1

Seems like you get an epic drop for every 100 opened.
I also opened 130 or so gold chests, I’ll post those when the numbers are crunched.





He was relaying info from bronze, not gold (at least until it gets updated).

Oopsie daisy

What I would have guessed from 630 Bronze During Breeding:

I’d say it’s pretty close. :smiley:

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5 pearl drops in 201 gold chests!!! this is not even 1/4 of a high lvl perch upgrade! PG needs to adjust pearls drop (amount rather than rate).


yep no silver chests for me either.

Are you sitting on a bonus silver?


If you check out my calculator, you can see that 5 pearl drops from 201 chests is about what you should have expected.

Calculators available here: Gold Drops -- Make Your Own Predictions

Still no elemental ember drops. :confused:

yup im aware of the drop rate even without using your calculator. still doesnt justify such a low rate imo. :wink:

What would you prefer there be less of?

The total is always 100%.

More pearl drops means fewer of something else.

No elemental embers this event.

im not suggesting to dilute gold chests further. however increased amounts per drop has been suggested on more occasions. let me ask you something in return: do you think 1125 black pearls per 80k rubies (roughly 250-300 bucks) sounds reasonable? a high end perch upgrade requires 4x as much!

edit: well before you jump my horse I did suggest changing drop rates. my point was that there are too few pearls in 200 gold chests.

We agree that the size of the drop is too small. :+1:

For an item that, at least at the present time. Has only one means of acquisition, the drops are too small, since the frequency has been lowered.

Pearls were once plentiful. And I made the mistake of building more than one.

You do get more Pearls during fortification, but they are still not common.

I also made this mistake :pensive:

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