Chest drops from Monuments during Events

Can PG stop nerfing drops from monuments during events. We work just as hard during the event as we do during the armory stage.
Level the playing field.

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What has been nerfed?

Drops seem the same to me.

Maybe 2.3 drops per similar level to on average assuming a long base. Sure sometimes zero. But I can also see 3-4 on the same run.

Drops go down quite fast on short bases and on weaker bases. I think there is some sort of calculation that does AP vs Base DP

But if you have some info happy to check it out

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Getting right on that. Would you also like me to stop the squirrels from tapping your phone line?

This makes no sense at all, even within the false idea of changes chest drops.

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Attack America or Anonymous outside event and see how many drops you get from monuments. And then attack during event and then do your comparison.

No offense but you are making the claim here, why are you asking other people to provide evidence?

Record 50 runs outside the event, 50 runs in the event, tally up all the drops and show there is a significant difference, and you have a case. Without that, this is far more likely just observation bias without any real basis.


Statistically, you would need to do at least 100 attacks of each and then compare. 250 would be better.

Record that data and report back!


Because Dangerzone asked me to provide some evidence and they were willing to check it out. Read the full thread before getting lots of exercise by jumping on top of people by doing the right thing.

Each event varies slightly fort and breed are slightly lower than pvp this based on thousands upon thousands of recorded runs :man_shrugging:
Pg does not change drop outside that minor variance!
I’ve been testing drop for about 6 years lol
Yes you can improve drop but no pg does not adjust drop%


Are you attacking the same level bases in the event as you were during the treasure hunt period?

Since your team is down in the Gold1 wilderness, you could be just hitting low level players for max points in which case your drops would be very poor.

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That’s not providing evidence, that’s telling someone else to go gather evidence to prove or disprove your statement. Your original post is just a foolish, incoherent complaint with nothing to support it. There is no evidence to suggest anything has been changed, drop rates seem normal as always


Where is my tinfoil hat :thinking:

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:tophat: that will be 5k rubies lol


To calculate Chest drops you need to do thousands of runs.

Im on 10,400 bronze earned this season which is on par to previous seasons we still have another pvp event. Most of my chests are earned in pvp.

So personally for me I have not seen any material difference


Sorry, not enough. Probability is over 80k, thus will need at least 10k runs


BTW guys there was no mention of chest drops in my OP. Read correctly I said there’s a nerf in drops from monuments.

But there is not a nerf in drops……
Never has been not in 7 years lol
Pg does not adjust chest drop % for monuments but when chests are dropping the side drop from boats and bridges or what’s sometimes called side drop is considerably less than when attacking outside of events but your getting chests in place of the handful of low level consumables so it balances out in your favor! Lol


That’s what we are talking about, the drops from monuments. I don’t know how many people actually go “yay, I got a 15m timer from a monument” vs “yay I got a chest…finally”.

In the game files, when an event is running, the chances to get drops from monuments are:

  • nothing 65,000
  • bronze chest 15,000
  • silver chest 1,107
  • gold chest 30
  • spell consumable 4
  • timer consumable 4
  • gems 1

Compare that to when an event is NOT running:

  • nothing 16
  • spell consumable 4
  • timer consumable 4
  • gems 1

That’s it. The amount of chance to get something actually goes down during events. I can guess why. You get chests for completing event attacks, and people are more active during events and therefore attacking more.

Ships, huts, and bridges all have their own settings too. (Little tidbit, the whale is 30 nothing, 1 success.)

So when it comes down to it, you may just be in a lull. If there is a sequence, it is so incredibly long as to be impossible to sequence and no, it was never found if there is one. It is more than likely a weighted random.


Wait did they actually implant the whale to give chests? :open_mouth:

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That gem drop is low in events!

I think I see a gold chest every few months.

That gem % has to be close to one every few years :smiley:

:shushing_face: Don’t leak it. We want to stop whale hunt :zipper_mouth_face: