Chest drops from monuments

Is there some reason why chests are still dropping from monuments now that the event has finished?

you shouldn’t be asking this! They will stop dropping

I think they keep dropping for the duration of the results, which is usually present for 24 hours after it ends. (And you can still buy chests and such)

Basically if the event icon is still showing the chests usually drop from my memory. (I could be wrong though)

Usually it ends when the event ends itself, and we get 10 rubies… But I noticed this gift from PG myself. No complaints here :stuck_out_tongue:

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I noticed that too earlier today but I’ve made a couple of runs now and it dropped rubbies :sweat_smile:

I really thought that was normal for 24 hours after it finished. I’m pretty sure it’s bappened before.

Well they’ve stopped chest drops already and it hasn’t been 24 hrs :thinking:

Its not normal! It sometimes happens for few hours after event but definitely not intended.

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Apparently if you don’t close your game when event ends, ur game will continue to drop chests indefinitely… I haven’t tried it but a team mate of mine continued to farm chests for hours after the event ends


I opened the game after the event has finished but still got chests drops for a few hours though. Maybe it’s just an error on their part? :neutral_face:

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