Chest drops in non event days

Normally I like to attack bases for chests bc I’m very much depend on chests . I hope others also do attack for that also . In non event days I feel little bored as there is no chest drops . If u allow chest drops that will be awesome .
Thank you.

rubies drop and they’re better IMO

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Yeah rubies better, however since the post is about chests, would like to suggest scaling of the chests, as I use to find bronze chests helpful, and once or twice drops of gold chest. (That is when I am level 100). But as I reach 238 now, bronze chests are like a joke, drops less and things gotten from the chests can feed my breeding/feeding/building.

Would like to suggest if possible, say through events if level 100 can get say 1.5 chests per run, level 150 should get 2 bronze chests per run and scale up as level goes. And also say 1gold chest per 50 runs for luv 100, 1 per 30 runs for lvl 200. That may drive a lot of players willing to play more and pay more, I assume.

I think that should be helpful as win win for players and PG as well, but no drastic changes please, if implemented . Need to be fair to other who had went through the bad times where drops are almost absent.

I find that I get more chests to drop from harder bases. as we are nearly the same level maybe that’s why you are getting less?

I actually got three golds to drop this past event. That was a record for me. Of course they had dragon HP and other stuff that doesn’t belong in a gold IMO but hey, I digress. At least the counter to my bonus gold went up.


They could leave the chest drop rate the same and just scale the items in the chests by level and it would do the same thing. 6 x 15min speedups for somebody upgrading a tower that takes 30 plus days is not rare imo.

Ha got it wrong, am 243, hitting higher level base give more? I doubt so as I’m hitting 300-480 during the event, and drops are Low. Well got only 1 drop from the event

The problem here is scaling of rubies vs bronze chests

I typically can get 2-3 bronze chests a run during an event, that means 4-5 runs gets me 10 bronze chests.

But ruby payout is maybe 20-30 rubies a run. At 750 rubies for 10 bronze chests I need nearly 30 runs to get 10 bronze chests.

So by all means keep the rubies between events, but scale up the payment so that it’s at least equal to runs during event


Guess my game is broken I by no means have the 10 rubies drop as frequently as a bronze chest. I’d love to get 20-30 rubies a run, and only an idiot would use 750 rubies on 10 bronze chest so the value isn’t equal.


Whether is it bronze/silver/gold chests during events or rubies during no events, seriously I hope pg can look into it, scale it according to the attacker level and the base being Attack.

Well for level 243, if I’m hitting bases less than 200, less chest drops is reasonable, but if hitting more than 250, if the drops are more, instead of average 1-2 chest per run (which I find it a joke, cos in my earlier days when I was level 80-150, used to get average 3 chests per run), that would encourage players to play more and Happier.

Exactly this. They should either increase what we get from bronze chests to be worth 750 rubies or reduce the cost of the bronze chest.

Well I should say for those levels 300 plus as well as I be on my way there soon, as my noctua is level stucked. But hell no, dun decrease the cost anyhow.

But look at gradually increase the drop rates, to get dragon owners to feel the need to fly as much as their personal time permits, of course including me. So my proposition is maybe we can get more drops eg some two chests per monument. So level 1-100 maybe 1-3 drops, 200-300 maybe 4-7 drops, level 300 to 400- 8-12 drops, then multiplier for hitting say 100 levels higher than yourself, say +20%, if hitting below ur level maybe-20% or so. That applies to bronze chests and gems. And along this ratio, similar applies to gold chests, probably level 200-300 4-7 drops every 50/100 base hits, something like that.

It would be the same net effect if they just increased the amount in the chest based on base level as I have suggested before. They could follow the same line as increasing the token mission payouts. So while you might be getting the same drops as a level 100 you would be getting 3 times as much out of the chest. (so 6 x 15 min timers rather than 2 :rofl:)

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They should just take the option to buy bronze chests with rubies away. If I ever bought 10 bronze chests on accident I would be pissed, lol. Can’t buy silver, shouldn’t have the option to buy bronze.

I’m with you there lol.

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