Chest drops... specifically gold

So I’ve searched for it, and if this is just a copy to another recent more talked about topic please link me to it so I can contribute… I would just like to ask everyone’s opinions on the recent gold chests drops during pvp.
I’ve opened several gold chests during pvp and I’ve noticed I get more timers and egg tokens than I do the actual pvp resources, and so has my team. It’s very frustrating when you save up for pvp and get everything BUT what you were hoping for, especially when you’re low on resources and desperately need to use these resources to benefit the team.
The majority of the drops I get during pvp is black pearls, egg tokens, and timers. If I wanted these resources I would’ve opened them during fort or breeding… not pvp.
Thoughts? Comments?

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How many are you opening? You need to be opening a lot to be sure of getting the “average” return.

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Breeding gives higher percentage for Egg token, and Fort for timers and pearls.

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I think pearls are highest during pvp :thinking:

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Still fort by tiny miniscule (11.32, compared to 10.57 during pvp)

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A lot. I had 50 in the beginning of this pvp, rarely any pvp rss. Then I opened whatever I got afterwards… nada.

I know, doesn’t seem like it atm though :joy: only by a small amount if needed.

I didn’t notice anything off. I got a good amount of both IF and energy. You may just be at a particularly bad spot in the chest drop lineup.

Seems normal to me

Side note: I feel like mystic fragments are the most common pvp drop.

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I’ve been tracking them and this one had 6 if and 5 energy legendary drops per 39 drops, and 8 if and 9 energy epic drops per 66. Tried to paste the list but couldn’t.

One of my team mates opened 50 gold chests and he got ZERO inner fires. That’s rate sucks for a pvp event :man_shrugging:t2: And he’s not the only one had similar incidents

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Can’t judge for unfair drops, unless 110 or more chests are opened consecutively

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DragonAdmirer captured and shared this event’s chest sequences.

He shows a long stretch, about 60 chests, without any legendary inner fire drops. But the epic inner fire drops are more evenly spaced. You would definitely get some IF from epic drops if you opened 50 gold chests.


To add things, 44 - 10 only have 1 epic IF drop, so it’s easy to miss that one.

I got more IF from bronze than I do from gold :grimacing:

:eyes: Well, recently, I didn’t opened any gold, unless I planned to open at least 100 in the event…

Wow - the first 18 positions contain all 6 legendary inner fire drops. That is the most uneven distribution I’ve seen.


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