Chest error pg help!

While I was opening 11 platinum chests as a result of a freeze, the game opened around 580 draconic chests. Can I get some help with this issue? I have enough chests for now I just need help to open draconic chests in the new season,
please help me by replying @PGTimber @PGNipNap @PGAlgodon @PGJared @PGYohn @PGNines

maybe best to at least raise a ticket and pm the number if you are looking for help from the forum guys…ot sure


how can ı do that?

in settings the small wheel thing then contact support from there might be help then the letter thing top right i think at work so cant look

ı wrote but ı doubt to replying

They won’t be able to do anything here. Tbh they shouldn’t until the support avenue is exhausted, which hasn’t been done. Even then, pm with one person is a better route than tagging them all.

Best of luck since it’s the weekend.


tbh i am not sure they revert chests now if you cock up i think eff mentioned something about folk working the system to alter their position in the sequence by getting chest drops refunded…having said that you’ve gotta try and id raise a ticket then drop a pm.

DP said they stopped doing that even for accidental cases.

i think so but obviously he/she did not save all season to open 500 odd draconics a few days before the season end. Doubt the reason they stopped is relevant here but may just be a one shoe fits all just a shame if your foot is the wrong size


what do you mean* :thinking:

hmmm :confused:

i mean if the reason they dont refund now is sequence manipulation then it does not apply here as it would seem like it was a mistake. why would anyone open 580 dracs now?

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