Chest error PLEASE HELP!

I’m having an issue opening any chests at all. Lately I have been getting chests and when I try to open them I get an insufficient currency error. It tells me I’ve recieved everything and yet stays the way it is and I have in fact recieved nothing at all. I eh tried buying ten gold chests and nothing. I’ve restarted my phone I’ve deleted and reinstalled the game ive Killeen all apps and closed all web Pages on browser and unchecked everything under graphics I’ve messaged pg and sent a ticket and nothing at all has worked and pg has not cared to message back. I’m starting to get upset because I can’t find a solution and it’s starting to affect my progress in events. If anyone knows a solution to this please help!

I assume you have enough gems? 4k for 10 gold, 2k for 10 silver (Don’t buy silver fyi :dizzy_face:)

Yes I have 14k in rubies. And I have 3 gold chests I’ve collected throughout season

Not to mention now I can’t participate in events and I can’t even upgrade anything because I have negative resources and upgrade materials

Ok. Do you have a pocket ID? Make sure you have that all set up. Then, try uninstalling the game and re-installing it again. The pocket ID will save your progress. If it makes you start a new game don’t worry. Just play until you can get to the settings button and re-enter your pocket ID email and password. See if that works.

Kinda of the “turn it off and back on” fix for the game

I’ve done all of that along with killing all apps killing browser pages restarting my phone and dubbing down turning all the graphics. Still of no use

contact support so they can help you with the negative resource and the other one.

Just mention it in bullet form

  1. I have negative resource, please look at it and help.
  2. I am getting a chest error starting from xxx and still getting it.

That should give the support a fast investigation

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Negatives, there is a thread about that happening to some people. There is around a 4 hour ticket time with support but sometimes it is longer than that. They will eventually respond, usually.

Ive turned in three tickets stating all my issues and have to gotten a single reply because of “spike in tickets”. This was three days ago. I’ve had this issue since I’ve updated the game. I’ve missed out on this event and more to come I’m sure.

I’ve been heard and all my items have been returned and I have recieved all of my items. Thank you pg didn’t mean to cause problems just needed to be heard

ROFL! That was quick. Glad you got help Savage :blush:

an :angel: is watching i think. hopefully it wasn’t a :smiling_imp:

good that it was resolved.

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