Chest Interface Suggestion

Instead of having the chests automatically when clicked, could we have the drop rates show up when clicking the chests?

(Ie: Have to click “open” to actually open the chests, vs, just clicking the chests)

Suggesting this, cuz I’ve accidentally opened 3 gold chests, trying to see the statistics of the drop rates.

(Thankfully, they didn’t thrown off my obsession of keeping 5s & 0s, or, mess up too many “pull 10” sets)

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Or just go back to the old interface and send a mail with the drop rates every event.


Does your interface not have this bit here? If you tap on those little i’s, it will give you the drop rates…

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It does, but unlike b4, if you click the chest icon itself, vs the open button, it’ll automatically open the chest. Which, could potentially mess up a “x10” pull. :slight_smile:

How about we have the chests do absolutely nothing when tapped? We already have icons for drop rates and open buttons. Just let the chests be static images FFS. :t_rex:

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Or, as in my case, autospend rubies :expressionless:

They changed things a bit when they instituted the new system for the percentages. There’s no longer any reason why you should go for a x10 over a x1 aside from speed issues. I forget what thread it’s in but if you search the forums you’ll find it. The x10 no longer guarantee a legendary drop.

I just replied elsewhere! Isn’t that a good thing?
We get 1:3 ratio everytime . Change is for good I feel because overall we will always get 25% legendary drop.

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By removing the guaranteed legendary, you’ll need to open more chests to converge on the stated odds. So overall it’s worse as most players won’t be opening that many chests.

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Have they changed this? I just got a prompt asking if I was sure I wanted to spend 1000 rubies when I missed the i on sigil chests. I never tapped on the image before so don’t know what happened usually (I don’t recommend testing unless you want to risk losing 1k rubies if it still autos lol)

It’s a good thing if the RNG gods decide to smile in your favor. Otherwise, maybe not so much :sweat_smile:

Its cool

Can we just please get rid of this ridiculous animation? I used to enjoy opening chests, now I kind of dread it.


It was 2 or 3 before. Now it’s 3 for sure and sometimes even 4 :man_shrugging:t2:

On the downside, it means 0% for E2P and F2P to get mythic glyph/rune each pvp (without sacrificing much) as gold is much more valuable than runic…

I thought we still get the “Automatic Legendary” from opening 30 silver/gold chests… Ya’ll sure this changed?

PS: I feel bad for those that automatically lost runes via this feature. (I’ve only lost 2-3 golds via accidental clicks).

Edit: Just saw that they did, indeed, remove the guaranteed “legendary chest” when showing the coding for the new format, going from a “10th = guaranteed, other 9 = 25% chance of legendary”, to “a standard of 33% legendary drop across the board”

(Imo, I’d rather keep the “10th = guaranteed”…)

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