Chest platinum Suggestions

I’m undecided if I should buy the platinum chests that are in this week’s weekly branch, as I don’t know if I can open them in the next season. Someone who knows if they will continue these chests in the other seasons? Or will they only be this season? Thank you.

Estoy indeciso si debería de comprar los cofres de platinum que están en la rama semanal de esta semana, ya que no sé si los pueda abrir en la siguiente temporada., Alguien que sepa si van a continuar estos cofres en las demás temporadas? O solo estarán esta temporada? Gracias

I suspect they’re here to stay, but there’s no guarantee. I’m pretty sure there hasn’t been any official statement on that yet. Maybe @PGGalileo can help us with that.

That said, they’re more than good enough a deal to buy and open right now too.


Platinum chests, as far as I know, are here to stay. Of course, my always present caveat is: things may change.

There is a specific and official thread about the mystery branch which includes your topic about platinum chests that are in today’s Day 4 mystery. Please refrain from opening multiple threads.
@moderators please can we merge this to that official thread thanks

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Gosh, always so upright and sarcastic. Mods, merge it please or the world will end!!

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This isn’t specifically about the mystery branch, at least that is my interpretation of it. It sounds like the question is whether or not these chests will be available in the future. Since we’ve seen them outside of the Mystery Branch, I think this question is fine here.

That being said… to the OP, there IS a thread open regarding the platinum chests that can be found here:

Maybe you can find your answers there.

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I sent a ticket about this. The answer was they will return next season, so we can save them :+1: