Chest prizes during events

Hey guys we don’t mind supporting this game financially as I think it’s a great concept
But I can’t help noticing that the gifts in the chests during events and treasure hunts are a bit light on how about giving us some incentive to spend our finances in this game good prizes are far and few between


I suggest that during the treasure hunt phase, chest drops are increased along with increased item drops specific to event. I have not seen this yet.

Agree, they have gotten really crappy.

I completely agree with this post. When I first started a year ago it was exciting opening a 10 pack of gold chests. Now I feel I get 7 bronze chest items and 3 legendaries. I’m more crossing my fingers hoping I’m not wasting 4K in rubies every time I open a 10 pack lol.

I say the bronze items have improved a bit but the bronze chests hardly ever drop for me anymore and I’m destroying every boat and building I see.

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as far as i know chest only drop on monuments. other items like timers, boost etc. drop when destroying boats and building.

Just monuments in the core game but seems to be any structure (none from boats yet) in Atlas.

I agree with this as well

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