Chest prizes in Battle Results menu - jacked up?

Hi All,

Maybe I’m losing a few marbles but I swear we would always get chests after runs in this event format. Now, more than half the time, we (my whole team has noticed this) are getting 0’s across the board, even on Mega runs. Have I been the luckiest player over the last 2 years, always getting chests…or is this broken? The first screenshot shows a bronze chest won, this used to be on every single run and you’d get more with higher points.


That seems abnormal to me. I usually see at least 3-5 chests on a super and something like 20-30 various chests from a mega. I’m going to go in game now and see what I get for a super run; I haven’t been paying attention.


This is just a single stacked super I did to check. No chests for me either! Whether or not chest drops are guaranteed or not I can’t say for sure; but I am accustomed to racking up at least a few hundred bronze chests during PVP. This does seem abnormal.

Me being a notorious grinder I hardly ever do any supers, so I am not sure about those.

But for the basic runs I am certain that the rule has been: chest reward is not guaranteed.


Yes its messed up, this happend last season aswell at some pvp events . All things regarding chests are still broken

I believe it has to do with the level of the PvE islands. No chests until the base level is closer to your own.

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Finally got a title. I was hoping for FreeThePecker, but alas no.

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Just for today I think.

No. Permanent. I got a cake emoji on my actual anniversary.

The first 3 screenshots are players, not Gustav islands. Also, I’m trying to remember ever seeing zero chests before. It was a staple diet of bronze chest stacking historically. Now, a whole bunch of nothing…

Then you must have been very lucky. I have been playing since September 2017, and not getting a chest at the end of the run has been quite common.

This thread supports that

If I were you I would ask the support what they think about it.


They say it isn’t guaranteed, but this isn’t a chest drop… it is a reward for the attack itself. The “drop rate” shouldn’t apply here. It never has before. I phrased it as PC as I could earlier… This is the first time I haven’t received at least 1 bronze chest from a run. I’m not crazy, I wouldn’t have created this post just to complain about a crappy drop rate. This is broken.

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Then you must have been super lucky. (or done very few runs)
As I said before, and anyone who states otherwise has no idea what they are talking about, the chest drops are not guaranteed, whether it’s from a monument or at the end of a PvP attack.

Support used the same term, and simply because it’s pretty much the same. There is a chance to get a bronze, silver or gold chest, but there is also a higher chance to get nothing.

Try different search phrases, like “chest guaranteed” got me these results:

God, I wish I could go back and record all my play for the last 2 years… I don’t want to argue with one person, however, I DO know what I’m talking about.

I’ll just know that I ALWAYS received at least 1 bronze on every run. Maybe it was broken in my favor for all that time.

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Don’t argue with me, read. I linked in a couple of threads from last year, where you can verify that chest drops are not guaranteed anywhere in the game.

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Yeah unfortunately that isn’t true Grizz…


just because they’re not guaranteed doesn’t mean something couldn’t be wrong with the event. It is highly unlikely I would think that we are not receiving ANY isn’t it? I don’t ever recall NEVER receiving a single chest from any pvp run.


One of the threads you linked makes mention of the fact that if you do not get any chest drops during a run, you won’t get any bonus chests at the end of the run. So, assuming the OP is doing PvP runs on appropriate levels, perhaps there is something wrong with their chest drops in general, rather than the event?
@xxGRIZZxx maybe try doing some regular/invader runs and see if you are getting any chests at all? Let us know!

The way I interpreted the OP, the problem is that they don’t always get a chest at the end, just sometimes.

However, I can be more vigilant during my next 20-25 runs to check that theory about the relation between monumental drop and rewards.

That would be good info. :+1:
I suppose I interpreted it a bit differently; I thought OP was saying that they are not getting any chests whatsoever.

Edit: I just reread. :man_facepalming:

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