Chest prizes in Battle Results menu - jacked up?


Hmm I didn’t know they were not guaranteed either. I always check my chests post run and there is always a bronze chest there and sometimes a silver or gold if I’m lucky. I’ve never had any runs where the chest count is 0 across the board like that. Maybe it depends on your level relative to the level of the island?


It does. Like in the picture I posted, I guess I got no chests because it was on one of the PvE islands. PvP against same or better levels should get you some chests, but there are always those bad luck runs, I guess.


Scratch that I just saw a zero run on non pvp island. Weird that I saw it right after I posted this


Same exact thing for me

And it’s not counting for my egg missions. It’ll say destroy 2 bases and I don’t get credit for killing the base…frustrating


None of Gustav’s bases will work for my egg missions yesterday or today (but I haven’t hit the biggest pve yet for them as work called). Simply because the egg missions say it has to be a base of level 82 or higher and the highest one I was hitting was level 80.

I also want to note that when hitting the pve islands, I get less chests (if any) than hitting pvp. This is simply due to the differences in levels of the Gustav bases and my base. I am hitting down (I’m basically letting Hildr be on auto pilot since they are so low to me now) and so I get very little “reward” in the terms of chests for doing so. This isn’t new and I expected it. When I am hitting pvp, I am hitting up so I get more chests.


If I recall correctly chests are not guaranteed, true, but also the way those rewards are calculated is kinda broken. You can either get 3-4 chests for a super or none at all.

I think the reason is that the chance to get a chest to drop isn’t calculated for each run that a super includes. It’s rather binary, if you get a chest when the game rng calculates your odds once, you may get several chests using a super. However if you get no chest for that run, you’re basically out of luck.

If chest drops were calculated for each runs, we’d see more diversity in the drops, like two chests for a super, or 16 for a mega… Not extremes like it is now.


I sent a support ticket with this picture and was told, ‘you got a bronze chest when flying a base at xx:xx, chest drops are random.’

I don’t think they understood what I said and I don’t think they looked at my picture…out hundreds of chests…hoping for compensation when resolved…


This bug is annoying.

I have used a mega coin attack where 2 bronze chests dropped, but I received none at all. The score screen showed as if no chests dropped.


Same happened to me on the above posted picture…5 times in a row!!

Zilch! Sent a ticket and they told me that 1 chest has to drop during the run to get the chests!

One of my team members sent in a ticket and got 30 chests credited to his account…

They aren’t very consistent!!

Does anyone know how to escalate tickets?? This is very frustrating!!


Mega Coin… zero chests. This is not right…

@PGJared @Arelyna


I’ve used 3 mega’s and i’ve gained 6 chests since event started, including through regular runs.


It’s definitely different from the last several pvp events,not hardly getting any chest either. I have several teammates that are complaining about it also. I would usually get 20-30 bronze chest for a mega coin and this event I used 1 mega and got zero chest.


I had this issue last season. I gained something like 4000 points and only received 1 bronze chest. When I opened a ticket about it the individual that responded to my case kept telling me that chests aren’t guaranteed and I got what I got. I’m fairly certain that this is a bug because I often use megas and ALWAYS get 20-30+ chests ranging from bronze to silver depending on how I do. I understand that there’s an element of RNG to this but when 99% of the time I get 20-30 chests and then every now and then I get 0-1 chest, that seems like a bug to me.


I reviewed your logs and was able to verify that on Jan 18, 2019 4:09:50 PM, you did a Mega Attack but there were no drops of chests that was recorded.

Kindly note that even though the drop rate for chests is high, please be advised that there’s still no guarantee if you’ll receive chests or not as the drop rate is not 100%. It should display your prize in the Battle Result after if you received any chests after doing a mega attack.

I hope the information helped in clarifying your concern. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We’re here to help. Take care!

  • Your expected support response. A mega is worth 25 attacks and yet the possibility of getting 0 chests at all is almost impossible. This is ridiculous

ticket #1519887 if any mods or admins want to fix it. @Arelyna @PGJared


this is basically the same response i got from them. almost word for word actually


It’s almost 9pm on Friday night for them, mods don’t have access to tickets and Jared is unavailable until next week, so it’s useless to tag him.

You can eventually try @PGCrisis but even then I’m not sure you’ll get a definitive answer until Monday or Tuesday. It is the weekend after all.

As I mentioned a few messages above it is how chest drops seem to work (talking from experience about this subject, not from official grounds) so short of changing how they are calculated it probably won’t change.


Drop mega coin no chests this isn’t right
My spouse also dropped coin no chests
What is going on


No you are right, I was told on my ticket when I questioned the lack of chest, oh nothing changed here, you were just lucky before. my team mate was told, because the target is low, he was on the highest island. Plenty of excuses, but we aren’t all suddenly without luck as they hand out zeros on chests over and over.


Chest drops depend on level and if it is under your player level during pvp you wont see a chest drop This is a very very old topic. Once a person hits their level in pvp you will start seeing chest drops.


One of my megas about 10-ish hours ago.
Well idk about level difference involved (me being 215 always hits 300+ alone in event for good points) but I had no problems with chest drops this event at all. Usual and super and wildfire attacks too :ok_hand:t3: