Chest prizes in Battle Results menu - jacked up?


I don’t think that’s what’s happening here. If you look at above posts you will see that many have hit above thier level based on multiplier in thier screenshot.
I also had the same problem all day and yesterday but my one mega I use was on PVe and I expect to get zero but all my PVP attacks yielded almost zero chests. Ironically I got my first Gold drop from monument today.



Yup, you’re just a tad late to take me to school :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Within an hour or so I realized both that I had misread the OP and educated myself a bit on the topic in general. :+1:


After reading through everyone’s statements I think we can agree:

  1. Chests are not guaranteed; some runs will yield none. Sucks.
  2. We are reasonably sure that bonus chests at the end of the attack depend on whether or not any dropped during the run, due to how chests are calculated/multiplied by the type of attack.
  3. There are likely bugs in #2 that result in no bonus chests regardless of drops during run.
  4. Getting absolutely 0 bonus chests from 5 Megas is BOGUS!


Why posting image about monument drop issue when the problem is battle result issue? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


No. Battle result is pulled from battle_items queue.
Monument drop is from weighted monument drop probability.


Image of Battle result drop list


Does 0 represent bronze or no drop? Then 1 is silver and 2 is gold? Or is it like rare, epic and legendary having several items possible to drop, including those chests?


0 is Bronze.
1 is Silver.
2 is Gold.

AFAIK, each run only has one check, whether to get it or not.
If the flag is correct, it grants a number of chest depends on the weight of the run.

  • 1 for normal
  • 4 for super
  • 5 for WildFire
  • 30 for Mega


That’s what I thought too, it’s binary. You get all or you get none, and if you get it it’ll follow any set prediction of chests rarity in the code. I should have known :sweat_smile:


I defer to your greater insight. :bowing_man:


I would have to agree that something is messed up. I’ve done 6 megas now 2 pvp and 4 on islands. I have only gotten bonus chests once and that was on an island. Just hit a 450 in pvp which is 100 levels higher then I am and got 0 chests


The response the agent gave is technically correct. The chance of getting zero chests on a mega attack is extremely low, but it is possible.


So this would mean the odds of getting chests only on 1/6 megas is basically astromically impossible? Or is low to the 6th power still just low?


This is the response I got after 2 successful mega runs during pvp with 0 chests awarded on either


It’s been aknolwledged above and elsewhere that’s it’s a problem in both monument and PVP.
PG confirmed it’s a problem in game ticket and compensated some but not all.


Is it possible to disclose it?


Anyone else seeing chests drop from monuments DURING the attack but not at the Summary screen?


5 times in a row? It happened to me several times…


yes, quite often. I am 170, the top Gustav is 90, but some runs give 2-4 bronze chests from monuments, while zilch at the end.

10 PvE runs give 12 bronze chests on average, and I see no rule how those are obtained. the longest chestless streak was 6 this event, when I got nothing, but the usual less valuable drops.


Yes, that’s happening to me also. I’ve opened a ticket and they said they’re looking for a fix or something.

I’m not sure if open another ticket so I get my bronze chests or if they’ll give us at a later time.

3 mega attacks and no chests at all…