Chest prizes in Battle Results menu - jacked up?


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I’ve done 8 Megas and made 0 bronzes, yet I’ve made 11 bronzes total since event start from basic attacks. This seems totally normally, nothing can possibly be wrong.


I don’t know the exact number and it’s a holiday weekend so it’s unlikely I’ll find out until next week. I can say it’s really low.

That seems wonky. If you can submit a ticket with the date / time it happened our team can investigate.


wrote a longass reply to jared, then i realized that nothing will happen anyway just like what happened to me in the past. xD

so i deleted. x)

anyways… best of luck, OP.

hope they fix it for you at least.

the responses i got from the tickets of multiple accounts this occurred were about the same, if not exact, saying that it is normal. xD

-the rest of my accounts were fine; megas dropped chests normally. but the other 4 accounts of mine, 3~5 no-chest-drop megas each, all in the same date and similar range of time. x) maybe those accounts are flagged for sending tickets too often? xD


You should escalate the tickets, if you don’t get results then contact PG here. It is crappy that you have to put in the extra effort to get help but it is what it is.


that’s the part where i decided to spend only about 1/3 of what i used to. xD -though i still spend more than the most.


I have gotten less then 30 chests this entire event. Something is definitely messed up.


It seems like it’s an ongoing concern, and I know it’s one I’ve encountered myself. If you search for threads on the issue, you can find that plenty of people have run into the whole “no chests from mega coins” issue, going back a couple years now. Probably even more threads than the dozen or so my quick peek turned up, not to mention support tickets.

Not sure what the issue is, but it does seem like there’s something off. Though at the very least it seems like it’d probably be better to change it from “30 chests X% of the time and 0 chests Y% of the time” to something more like “10-30 chests every time.”


Out of about 30 super runs I did since Friday, I received chests for less than a third of those. Definitely a bug…


I also didnt get any chests on mega attack. I hitted way above me.

It should be granteed chest drops if you hit above your level. For mega attack, if you hit above ur lvl, you will get 30 chests for sure and super attack, 5 chests. And if you hit below ur lvl, then it will drop randomly. This is a suggestion from my side. @PGCrisis


I’m not sure it has to do with PVP/PVE
I’m getting mixed results. Not getting same bronze drops when attacking PVP 20 above my level.
I’m getting 1 bronze 50% of the time on PVP above my level.
Supers are not dropping anything.
Mega dropped nothing.
Normal runs dropping from monument but event drops are scarce (coin flop).

This is why I hate Gauntlet

This is almost funny it’s been going on since March just search mega attacks in the search function. They aren’t going to fix it it’s been happening for over 10 months now this is what is so frustrating known issues brought up multiple times always a promise to look into it and for a fix that never comes. You’re more likely to have a unicorn deliver you free iTunes cards than this issue being fixed anytime soon


This has been an issue for a long time. If you want to get an accurate count of how many chests are being rewarded then keep track of your chests prior to any attacks, count the in-flight drops, then check your chest count afterwards & subtract your in-flight chests.

There are bigger, more important bugs to be worked on by the various PG teams.


This has absolutely nothing to do with this thread. We are talking about not getting chests at all, we aren’t talking about 1-2 chests here and there we are talking about 30 at a time from megas. I think myself and many others would have noticed the 200+ bronze chests we are missing…


Guess we can’t really do anything but throwing hypothesis until Jared revealed the mechanics.


So, it’s still a 3-day weekend and I don’t have exact numbers or mechanics to share, but I want to be clear that this isn’t a bug. It’s the way mega-coin works. That said, it’s totally un-fun and something my team can try to get prioritized for being changed.


So if it’s not a bug and nothing has been changed, did everyone having this experience just end up on the opposite side of luck as opposed to every other pvp event before this?


Yes, it’s not a bug and nothing has been changed recently as far as those mechanics go. This is something which has been going on for a while. Is everyone who received zero chests unlucky? Yes, in that regard they are. They received a result which is less likely than getting some chests and is undesirable. It’s literally the definition of unlucky.

I’m not saying “too bad so sad” or anything like that. I’m just saying that the situation being described isn’t a bug, but is definitely an un-fun design feature and something my team will push to get changed.

Transparency to Players
Previous forum closed reposting. Although may seem similar it is about transparency
Silent Players Coming Out

It could be worse!

Several months back I did something like 6-7 megas and every one of them except one I got 0 chests…,Usually get around 20-30+ chests so it was like losing 120-200 chests :joy:
I thought my game was broke, it was bugged. I was furious
Nope said everything was fine Just unlucky
I made a post about it lol

Since then I haven’t done a mega and gotten zero guess I got all the bad luck out ins one day

iirc it takes your normal drop rate zero to however many chests in a single run & multiples it by 30
That’s what someone back then Told me idk

So in your super or mega if you pull 0 chests it just multiplies 0x3 or 0x30



I will give you access to my account if necessary, but I would request that someone go check my drops from previous events then come back and tell me that this isn’t a bug. I got so fed up I quit taking screenshots. I feel like, based on what you said (and how I started this post), I went from being the luckiest person in that I never received 0 chests before, to now getting 0’s on 90% of my runs. I don’t think it is possible that nothing has been changed, but I’ll be glad to look if you can show me.I would like to see what your system shows for me from all other events that have a Battle Result chests.

This isn’t the most active thread out there but it shows that this is happening to enough folks that something is broken.