Chest prizes in Battle Results menu - jacked up?


2 out of every 3 of my megas yielded 0 chests this event. Are you sure that nothing was changed? That seems like incredibly bad luck. And a number of players on my team have said they had similar experiences this event.


what you get during battle and at the end of the battle are 2 different thing.

If I get 4 from my battle and then 4 for doing a super attack, I receive 8 chest in total and not 4.

I know this since I calculated my bronze chest count when I did an event attack in the past and I got 6 chest for doing a super attack (2 dropped from a monument being destroyed and 4 for the battle result reward)


This is the first pvp event where I got zero chests for mega attacks, but hey. PG says no chests for you. What ya gonna do. They dont listen to us anyway. Something changed. They dont want to admit to it cause less chests is good for them.


I hear what everyone is saying about not getting chests in battle results if a chest doesn’t drop in the attack run. As pointed out, these are different and should not be tied together. Additionally, the highest island is what, a level 110 base. There is no way to get a chest in the run when you’re north of 300… I never, ever get chests in the attack runs, nor would I expect to. I guess I’m just completely flabbergasted by the number of 0 chests I relieved this event. It is disgusting…


@PGJared are you telling the world publicly here that the drop rate for chest cannot be manipulated individually?


Is someone checking to confirm nothing was changed?


Where did you go Jared?


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If you’re that bored, go find him and tell him to answer the questions.

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Huh? Do you mean “chest drop rates can’t be manipulated for a single person”? If so, the answer to that is yeah we could do that but it’s a silly amount of work and someone would get in serious trouble for doing that. It’s not impossible, it’s just not something we do.

If you mean something else, you’ll need to be more clear. This looks like you’re going for a gotcha moment, and I honestly don’t have time for playing guessing games.

To work. Most of my responses were over the weekend. I’m not supposed to be spending a ton of time on the forum anymore.

If you’re going to act like that, you’re going to get kicked off the forum. Be civil.

Lutrus is, once again, correct here.


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Knock it off. You have a right to express yourself tastefully when on topic, productive and otherwise adhering to the code of conduct.

Warning someone to adhere to the code of conduct is not a threat and is not against the code of conduct, and neither is reminding someone of the potential consequences. I doubt you would accuse a police officer for making threats when he lets you off with a warning for speeding.

I think pg Is aware of the temperature, but this sounds like something you may want to express in one of the player happiness/improvement/bug threads, and possibly something you should PM Arelyna in private about.

You have been made aware of how event eligibility works. It’s far from perfect (and off topic here) but it is how it is and you need to be reasonable in your expectations of how and when improvement arrives from this. You may also need to accept that what is very large importance to you may be very small across the game as a whole.

Personally I think there is a bug with chest drops and mega coins that exists, but even if that isn’t the case, it has definitely gotten much worse recently. I can tell you that there are scenarios where as Jared said, 0 chests are expected behavior. That being said the value of the mega coin remains strong without any chests dropping.

Both of these things sound like perfect topics you should document for the QoL or happiness discussion threads.

You may call it fairness, but the rules and how the game works are fair in that we are all equally impacted by it. I think what you mean to say is that you feel the game could improve for all with some changes. (And I would agree)

If you want improvements, you will need to learn to adhere to the rules; again, this is not a threat.

Transparency is of corse appreciated, but PG has no obligation to provide any, let alone to an amount of anyone’s expectations.

Please try to stay on topic, be respectful, and patient.


Equal would be no players get adjustments to chest drop, yet selected few are getting additional help. While others are not benefiting. How is that fair?

As for policing, if someone was to swear and demean others and make false aqusations. I am with you. Expressing frustrations is far from it. I am all about hearing all voice and make fair plays. Not agreeing with the current situation is by no means disrespectful. I don’t appreciate being threatened of being ban for voicing a legitimate concern.

In terms of transparency, you are entitled to your expectations and so do we. We want to know the mechanics of drop so that we know it is fair. Ie drop rate is 1:10 etc…it is your choice to accept the current state and it is our choice to bring our frustration and concerns forward.

As for being patient, we had been patient for a long time as you have not seen me on this forum until now. My patient ran out. We are stepping forward to express for our players and the our community. To be honest We have better things to do and just as easy sit on the side line to wait for something to happen. However, We can no longer sit on the side line and watch 100s if not 1000s of players we know impacted by these issues.

We are sure you want to see the game improve and make it fun. To be honest with you, we rather spend time playing and enjoy the game then come to the forum. In the past, we would come here to check out new and such.


You are wrong. Fair is that all players are given the same chance/odds. You have yet to show that isn’t the case. Equal would be everyone is exactly the same down to the level and dragons, but since this is a game where you get more out by putting more in, everyone cannot be equal.

Just because some are more forutunare than others does not mean there is some injustice.

Firstly I’m not sure anyone has warned you specifically of a ban, secondly any forum consequences discussed are not because of voicing your concern. Drop the subject or you will be on the losing end of it.

I’d like to win the lottery too, but we both know neither is likely to happen. I’d reccomed asking rather than demanding, and having realistic expectations.

The folks you have just recently engaged only just started trying to help. They cannot do anything about the time that passed before. Give them time to help you.

And you are really pushing the limit of what’s on topic for this thread.


Everyone is equal, some are just more equal than others


What’s the benefit of getting more equal?

On topic.
Can we solve the probability problem by statistic?
I mean probability of mega attack getting rewarded with chest, vs normal attack.
Probably super attack and Wild fire too …

May need help / cooperation from the Mega users…


Good discussion. You have every right to disagree. Since our conversation started and brought visibility to the issue we have players now getting gold chest drops. I myself have notice a far greater drop rate with an average of 1.2 per run vs 0.4 per run. Either everyone had gotten lucky or rate drop had been adjusted.

As for fair play “ not the same as as you mentioned equal play” some players had rececived help per previous posting with rate drop adjustments. Some got help and others didn’t. You can decide what that means.

As for the better drop rate, the WD team will earn a lot more respect by coming forward and telling people they had made adjustments and listened to the concerns. Either way we have seen a much better chest drop than before.