Chest prizes in Battle Results menu - jacked up?


I’ve been yelling at the sun all night to get back to work, and it worked! It’s now day again!

Correllation does not imply causation.


Good idea man. That will help document and track with quantifiable data to support

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Nice haul and Hoppy (sic) Birthday!


Atlas chests are based on glory, it’s a set amount I believe. Could not chest drops be the same for events but based on XP using the same multiplier as points for supers and mega coins… no guess work involved.

Kinda shooting from the hip here.


Yes, it is.
Battle result drops are based on the list while monument drops are random.


Brings me back to don’t make me guess and make it work. I’m not a fan of random, and usually it’s not really random after all anyway, they just make it look like it is. Helps hide the issues.


The data is available for public, though I haven’t made the visual for it since it is a list of 999 entries.


Can’t say I blame you one bit :slight_smile:


I’ve been chest farming a bunch and I get the feeling the person you hit affects drop chances. Not the level of the person, but their activity.

I’ve been hitting multiple chest bases and getting appalling drops. On one base I did about 15 runs clearing every monument and getting zero chests. This was against a chest base.

Jump to normal bases and in ten runs I get about ten chests. These are substantially lower level than the previous

I jumped to a newer chest base and the drop rate seemed to be in the middle. About 5 chests or so per ten. This base is 100 levels below the original chest base.

Could be a complete placebo effect or it could be me not knowing something everyone else does, but still


If this is the case, you shouldn’t get any chest from invader / PvE bases…

The fact that you did, contradict with the hypothesis…


I get that. It could very well be a coincidence and I’m just seeing things or have very strange luck.

Invader was doing fine for chests as well so maybe invader has a set activity level. It gives a set amount of medals a run so who knows.

The only reason something feels off and I even mention this is any older chest base I’ve used feels like it got worse over time and this is the only thing I can think of that could account for it (apart from lost sanity)

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Getting chests on each and every run, just like it used to be. I knew I wasn’t crazy, or has something changed/reverted?


PG Says this never happened. Pretty funny.


Where is the data? PG told me that they do not (specifically not allowed to) give out drop rates.


Rabbit, just out of curiosity, how many 0 chest runs did you have during the temple raid event. It used the mechanics as the Gauntlet event (same chest award screen after the run). I never received 0. As a matter of fact, I received at least 1 chest on my failed runs… I’m not trying to start crap, I’m just really confused why PG can’t figure out what happened in the Gauntlet event, which carried over into the treasure hunt phase of Temple Raid.



What was your experience for chest awards after your runs this last event (not monument drops in the run)?


I can’t tell you an exact number as I didn’t record anything, but I am sure I had a few.


Huh, weird. I never received a 0 chest award. Strange this game is…

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