Chest rewards!?

PG, do we only get the level 10 rewards or everything since level one?? :woman_shrugging:

The rewards are nothing compared to the rss we’re doing to achieve level 10, please respond. Thanks :dancer:

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As far as I understand the chest “upgrades”. So only what you see there, IF you get to level 10.

I truly cannot fathom how the design of this “feature” justifies so many consumables and huge time investment to get something which barely rivals a mid-level individual prize at best…

Indeed, and some mission are overboard with the 400 supers and 80 attacks. Thanks for the reply. Spending 45 hammers a mission isn’t worth 10 at the end. At all.

The common belief is that you would receive the 1x level X chest that you have reached and not each 1, 2, 3… etc.

Why in the world would you just receive the last chest you reached,and not all the ones before it? Surely PG isn’t that slimy.:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

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Have a look at the rewards for each chest.

Level 3 rewards are exactly the same as level 2 plus an extra item.
Level 4 rewards are exactly the same as level 3 plus an extra item.

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It’s fairly obvious that each level of chest is an upgrade over the previous one. You’re not getting more chests, you’re upgrading the one chest you get. And yes it’s absolute rubbish compared ot the effort.

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@moderators can we close this thread due to duplication.

:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: It’s even worse than I expected.

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