Chestless treasure hunt in atlas

It’s a common occurrence to have to reboot both the game and device at the start of treasure hunt phase of pvp events. Over the last few seasons I’ve noted that the chests start appearing later and later after the announcement that treasure hunt phase has started. Also, they will then disappear from atlas while gold hunting altogether. It’s been 9.5 hours since I e receachest of any type while golding this pvp and it took over four hours fo4 the first one to appear at the start of the event. I’ve written into the “help” desk about this several times and their response was, “ nothing is guaranteed “. If nothing is guaranteed then why even have a treasure hunt phase at all!? I am frustrated by the lack of communication and the poor response to any players sending in complaints is tiresome at best and shows a complete disregard for players opinions at worst. How about actually fixing this issue and adding a few days of double drops to make up for the extremely horrible service.
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Adding this at the end a new trend? :thinking:

Treasure hunt phase is a left over from years and years ago that pg never changed. Possibly they can’t. It used to be chests only dropped during this window. You didn’t get chests during the actual pvp phase of an event

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No, so sone else did I guess bu5 I don’t know how, lol

Be that as it may, the fact that I’m receiving zero chests while doing runs in atlas for that long is just wrong.

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