Chests and when to open

Guys I want to know something
I have been saving up bronze chests and want to know if the last event would be the time to open them
Please advise what you think

I don’t suggest opening during Feeding (which is the next event). I find that the presence of food packs and XP potions dilutes all the other more valuable items. I only open during PvPs and am saving my chests for next season. However, if you need sigils to finish something up, then go ahead and open them :man_shrugging: :t_rex:


Same. With gold chests I open them in different events depending on what I need most (timers and building mats, timers and egg tokens, or pvp resources). I never open them during feeding.

But the bronze chests are not very good for building mats or egg tokens anyway, so I only ever open them in pvp events.

Building mats? :thinking: :t_rex:

Elemental embers, fire/ice shards and pearls drop a lot more during fort from gold chests.

I mostly open bronzes during PvPs because IF and Energy packs only drop in PvPs and the rewards for grind are decent.
I am assuming that’s best way to maximise points.


Thank you yes I was thinking I needed to wait till next season
Not worth opening them up now

Thank you again

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Ah yes gotcha :+1: :t_rex:

As others said: open them during pvp.
Unless for example you need a bit of sigils or egg tokens to reach a goal :slight_smile:

Also, imo for chests (bronze as well as gold): pvp > breeding > feeding > fort
Gold chests are okay during breeding too, but still prefer to open during pvp

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I think this was more of a specific question vs. a general when-to-open thread, but the thread you’ve linked is indeed useful to note. :t_rex:

In my case, I often opened bronzes a lot each event, since I don’t have enough heal pots.

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Hold out for the new season if you can. Open them during the initial 50% period.


It’s just short for materials
~Edit~ On topic: open bronze chests during PvP

I’m taking down drop rate %'s now to include on at a future date when it’s more complete. Will have a gold drop tab and a bronze drop tab and you can scan through and compare side by side the drops per event and which make the most sense to you



Nice. Maybe also add a few total average numbers, like hrs/chest, sigils/chest and tokens/chest. All the sub-percentages can be hard to compare exactly, but iirc gold chest in fort/breeding give about 23 hrs of timers per chest, while pvp events give around 20 hrs per chest. That, for me, is a much easier comparison.

I can possibly look at this if the figures are all different, but honestly i expect a lot of the figures to scale up and down since i think they will weight them the same relative to each other. But only time will tell what i do with this. Right now it’s a data pull in an organized fashion to compare line by line

Mostly I expect they will, but sometimes they omit a whole item, like no legendary egg token drops in fort. With total numbers it’s much easier to see how many tokens you’re giving up for a shot at, say, black pearls.

But I totally agree, gather data first, then see. And I’ll very happily make use of just the data too.

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Yeah come to think of it a summary section at the top would be ideal.
important items per chest on average for:

  • sigils
  • Tokens
  • timers
  • any others that really make a difference?

Those would be the prime ones I guess. Mystic fragments, black pearls, fire/ice shards would be the minor ones. I tend to just count mystic fragments as 200 or 250 tokens, to simplify the comparison, but that might be a bit misleading to do on a public system.