Chests can't be won from battle?


Hey guys is my game glitched or we can’t win Chests from battles during this event?
I did like 10 attacks on chest base and didn’t got a single chest
Same from the battles I didn’t got chests when I destroyed the Surroundings
I just Got them when I won the battle?
Is my game glitched or is it a new thing PG introduced?


Only from monuments (NOT guaranteed).

Try using higher leveled chest base (e.g. KisSarkany from XPfarmsLooseX1)

if it doesn’t work, or you get 10 rubies instead, do one of the following.

  1. Submit a ticket (and tag Arelyna if necessary).
  2. Delete the App data (or reinstall).


I am attaching Kisarkany in the screenshots
And yes I get rubies not chests


How to submit ticket?



Thank you
I Reinstalled my game and it’s fixed now
Thanks for That😊


good for you.

I reinstalled the game, 20+ flies, and only rubies I get, and very rarely. Not even a single chest has dropped since Friday, and I managed to get a functional illiterate helpdesk agent to deal with my ticket.


The problem is…
It wouldn’t do anything if we post our problem in Forums…
PG should start to think of their player base man…
I totally love What they did…but I totally hate what they are doing


I’m tired of dealing with their support team. And since I have given only negative - but possibly constructive - feedback, this is probably my punishment. “No more chests for Pride!”


Everyone Deserves chests though …I lost like 200+ chests…cause I was attacking like crazy


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