Chests carrying over to next season?

Does anyone if chests (e.g., gold chests) carry over from season to season? Will my unused chest from this Fall season be available in the next Winter season?

Yes they carry over. My alt is sitting on I think 40 gold chests from last season. Chests are available until you open them.

Once you own chests they are yours. They will carry over unless PG drastically changes something. Sigils however, do NOT carry over.

Thanks for the quick response! That’s great to know!

Just for additional clarification. Only Gold, Silver and Bronze chests carry over. Runic and Sigil chests (that both replace silver) disappear before the end of the event during which they appear.

There is no “saving” runic chests…you can’t have an inventory of them to open like the bronze/silver/gold so i’m not sure why this is even considered a possibility? You straight out can only trade them in for rubies, no other way to get em

unless support credited you runic and sigil chest, it is impossible to save them as you can only purchase the said items.

They still carry over in case you get chest from support, but it can only be opened when their time to replace silver chest is up.

I know, I just could see someone maybe getting confused that if they bought some (but less than thirty to get a “bonus” one) they might think the next time they would pick up where they left off. Just trying to be as clear as possible. :slight_smile:

And I won’t go into the whole part about silvers being replaced by the others so I guess technically you could pickup where you left off if you really wanted to. You know what? Disregard anything I say anywhere. That is all - Move along - nothing to see here. Sparky has gone off his rail (again).


LOL pops in “19 days later” ,derails a thread and then promptly leaves :joy::joy:

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My defense to the 19 days is the gosh darn “suggested topics” getting me.

well he did use the search function instead of making a thread.

Haha just pulling your chain :slight_smile:

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