Chests in between events


Dear PG,

It was wonderful having chests to continue to drop after the event while we waited for the new event. Now it’s over :sob:. Please consider having chests again after events stop. It really does make more of us active.


Sorry, I had rubies all day, then the 4.96 brought the chests back. I had to ask if it was intended.

It wasn’t. :man_shrugging:


Interesting. My team had chests until 4.96. Now we’re back to rubies.


I agree, it seemed to make everyone more active. I’m sure a lot of people would agree, chests in between events would help us all!


But if chests drop all the time, then those nifty 12 hour timers can’t drop from monuments…


I got sick chest drops! Ty!

I would like this to continue , also. Dragon Gods! For being so nice! I sincerely mean it! Ty!Ty! Ty!

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I’d say that this breeding brings us its own blessing. :zipper_mouth_face:


That was really nice and unexpected :eyes:

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Could they add egg tokens as part as destroying monuments


But bronze chests are still 3x more effective at giving timers than direct timer drops from monuments. And that doesn’t even include the other items you get in the chests :stuck_out_tongue:



When will you folks learn that some things are better left unsaid… Remember the “bonus silver chest” that people kept talking about here and quickly got fixed so we no longer get runic or sigil chests?



This is probably why the message appeared on forums AFTER all chests finally disappeared :smile: everybody kept silent all Tuesday working hard on their chest stock


I forgot to add my /s
Given that big timers almost never drop from monuments. That was one big red herring from PG.


Have they though?..



Agreed to the fullest extent! It was a pleasure to have it and made the Tuesday actually worth to get into game.
Before I just did some XP-Runs and trained some troops, but most of the time I wasn’t even motivated to do all of my Egg-Missions >.<

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They did that once and everyone was up in arms about it.

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It was certainly nice and made doing egg missions and gold/xp grinding feel more worth while. Given how many issues there are with people not getting chests at the start of events, it seems like a fair solution would be to just make it so that chests always drop. PvPs could still have the treasure hunt phase since that time is also used for teams to figure out a strategy and open their chests

Edit: The only problem is that PG never makes positive changes for free, there’s always a catch. Most likely they’d alter the drop rates of chests so that we rarely get them even compared to now or they’d increase event point requirements because there were slightly more event rss out there.


I personally would love for PG to just make it chests all the time… I dont even wanna fly my dragons on non event days for a 1 min timer and 10 rubies…


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