Chests issues and emebers

War dragons staff…
I have -1050 elemental embers when I should have 1050
Also i can’t open any of my 40 bronze chests
Please help

Message support. Posting on the forums will unfortunately not handle the issue :hugs:

@moderators a little help with the support link and such :hugs:

How do do i do that

Tap on the arrows below to expand the hidden text.

How to file a ticket in game with support

Following steps

on Android

on iOS


Filing a ticket with support using a web browser

You can also contact support from your browser using the following URL:

Please have your Support ID (in game settings > About tab > right at the top) at hand.

You will also need to obtain a password in order to be able to log into the site. You can do that by clicking on the “Sign In” link and then select the “Get a password” option.


Won’t let me do that
The sign in part

Tap get a password first, then check your mail.

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This is the same thread i think

I have -130 embers when I’m supposed to have 1130. Idk whats wrong

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