Chests not dropping in gauntlet

Is anyone else not getting chests dropped in the event?

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Do you mean prizes or monuments?.
I am getting from prizes. Dont remember if monuments dropped any or not

Depending on your level, it’s highly unlikely that most of the PVE bases in the event itself will give you chests based on the level discrepancy. Some of the last islands in the island chain might give you chests though.


I was actually surprised at the number of chests I got from gustav this time, definitely more than previous events. :woman_shrugging:

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Monuments and statues. I’m finishing every run with no increase.

PvP and PvE. But usually there’s not an issue with the level discrepancy.

Im usually fairly blessed drops. Which is why I was wondering :blush:

Zippo like the hippo! Used to be Treasure Hunt was Live as long as Event was also… in fact, used to be Treasure Hunt was Live as long as Armory was available… if you could visit Armory either thru the front door or by some unimaginable tunnel only Dragon Lords of old know how to get to then Chests dropped abundantly [by abundantly is meant anything compared to drops of present and sadly vastly depreciable future culling]

But fear not… there will be a statistician to tend to you momentarily to fill your head with numbers causing the audience behind you to coo and awe while the prestidigitious @PGGalileo mesmerizes you into loving it all the same… in fact even more… because after all… isn’t this so much better!?!

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I am not impressed by these people. I liked your post.

You should be seeing chests when attacking actual player bases. But if you’re working through the lower level islands on the island chain and fighting the Blackblood/Gustav clan bases you’re much less likely to see chests simply because of the level discrepancy between yourself and the PVE base you are fighting.

Do you have Atlas? If so, are you getting chests on your invader runs?

Hi Liz. Like I mentioned above, I am not getting chests from any attacks in the event. Everything else is working as normal. It doesn’t matter PvE or PvP.

@LizDrakemoor oh, really? Um, perhaps it is different on Android… but in most every PvP, at least on iOS, each Attack is followed by a tally screen showing Points “Won”, Number of Inner Fires :fire: used in the Attack [any one remember those… Geez, cannot recall last I saw one of those… aren’t they that Lightening thingy?] and… now get this… funny thing is… the whole right side of the Attack Score Screen (actually two thirds of it) is dedicated to Chests Earned in Each Attack! Now, why is that I wonder?

Now of course this may not matter as much to you whereas you’re more than satisfied with what you’re catching on Raids and from Atlas Mines and Farms… while I for one am completely ashamed of myself for wasting my time on such a thankless enterprise… for some stupid reason I started investing in Ozy (because last time a lame Dragon went on discount I let it pass… only to find afterward Asura has features I require since I’m blind so play more by sound than sight)… long story short… tho lately I’ve all but maxed most Events by end of Day One… However this time around we are halfway thru Gauntlet and I have not made enough to purchase a single tile of the Discount… which at this point is “Discount Dismount”… there goes Ozy… there goes Summer Season and there goes War Dragons (in a year of economic hurt everywhere amidst online bonanza… yet PG has become that short sighted that they’re just gonna keep on squeezing this lemon to bone dry scorched death :skull: lemonade anyone?

The chest rewards shown on the after-attack screen are based on the type of attack and are not related to the chests that drop from monuments. Chest drops from monuments are separate and are partly based on relative base difficulty, such that you don’t get many when attacking lower level bases.

Maybe your blindness impedes you gathering some of this. But what impedes you from engaging respectfully in a non-snotty manner with your fellow players? You are not the only smart person in this room. You may not even be among the smart people in this room, it is kinda hard to tell.

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I play on an apple device. And the OP is talking about not getting chests from monuments, which is clarified by this post:

Edit: and I’ve seen the screen you speak of many times. Hard not to when you have to fly in a PVP event in order to meet your team minimums. Can’t recall how many times I’ve seen the screen in question in the 4 years I’ve been playing this game. And yes, I am aware of the fact that you can get additional chests on that screen if you get a successful attack (so shocking!).

Perhaps you can be more polite to the other people on the forums that you interact with. Your current attitude of speaking to them like a condescending individual who doesn’t care about the feelings and emotions of others is not a pleasant one.

@henfon surely you’ve ventured within LC… I am being entirely respectful. If you think this is uppity… please, come hang out with my pals [Zoom mostly lately]… if think can hold your own in room full of stuffy scientists, psychiatrists, lawyers and law makers… no… the tone, as it were is merely editorial coloring, done in spirit of fun… as Liz, (consummate pro art this) assuredly gets to (needless brazen champion… save it for the Pits) …so, please, accept my apologies for misguided attention… and above all else note that deliberately steering discussion outside context doesn’t change itinerant matters as threaded no matter how many unrelated external chests anyone throws into the mix…