Chests that were lost after updating the new season

Had saved 141 gold chests since I got neptus and didn’t need to open them , was planning on opening for new season when season changed I updated my phone and logged in all my chests were gone ?? Sent pictures to support and they still haven’t responded ? What do I do just quit playing ? Keep sending requests ? I spent money on those and they were taken this sucks

Definitely not quit playing!
I would imagine you will be giving back what was taken.
There was lots of issues after update and start of season maybe support will take a little longer then normal?
I’d give it a little longer :+1:

Hopefully I took a hit after update

is this equal to 141 gold chests dang that hurt ? Hopefully my time and effort and love for the game ain’t only worth that out of spending for 141 gold chests I’m in shock

No lol everyone got that!

That is not for your 141 gold chests.
That is appolgy pack for the rough start to the season/event.

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Forgot to quote you.

You just received that by chance. That is not compensation for the lost chests.
Don’t worry if you lost those chests they will be able to tell and you’ll get them back :+1:

Ok cool thanks so much

Still nothing ?

Give them time. If it’s a complex system thing that causes it they may need a little time to fix it. If you had gold chests before and after it WILL and fixed. Every other case of lost chests I’ve seen was resolved

Hi @DECEPTO! Right now, our ticket queue is quite high right now, so ticket responses will be a bit more delayed than usual.

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Ok yeah you guys must be super busy I understand was just worried that nothing was being done thankyou

Ok was just worried

No trouble mate. I sure as anything would be too. All I meant was for that to be reassuring that you would get them back :grin:

Taking a while getting worried

How to fix

Not getting a response on my ticket ?

141 gold chests hurt cost me money the waiting sucks

It does suck but it will be sorted. Just remember there were thousands of tickets. You WILL get this sorted. I know it’s easy for me to say but just try and have patience

You will get your chests back

Log a ticket

I am getting rubies no chests for today

I sent a ticket 4 days ago just waiting I know I need patience