Chests that were lost after updating the new season


Ok sounds good


still nothing


There is your problem. Every time you update your ticket it goes to the back of the queue. Do not keep posting things in it unless you have new info as it makes it like you JUST made the ticket. If you’ve been doing that regularly then there is your problem

Please just have patience



yeah that’s why you haven’t heard looking at that image 100%


What should I do


Wait. Every time you respond to yourself on a ticket you just push it to the back of the line


Yep, you heard right


I won’t respond but there not even saying anything


Waste of money and now time totally messed up


Still nothing :astonished:


You probably would have had a response by now if you had not kept on sending then msg in it. You keep in being placed last in line that way.


Still nothing going on a week now


Yeah cause you kept replying so it sends you to the back of the queue of thousands

Just sit tight for now, they’re swamped


Just sucks was saving my chests for breeding event and now it’s going to start I’m so pissed right now so I’m going to miss out on everything


Patience is a virtue.


Support responded extremely fast to me about some sigils I lost yesterday and they sent me a gift with the missing sigils this morning. I’m guessing if they still haven’t responded probably means your issue is bigger than what a level 1 support can do and was likely passed up to a higher rank.


Makes sense


I’m still waiting


If you ask them to refund your bronze chest they will. Just wait and keep doing what you do.