Chests & tokens

Ever since the breeding event has started, I have not gotten any chests from any run and I rely on bronze chests like crazy on my game play. Also I have the egg tokens bonus completed but since after the breeding event started, now I’m not getting my bonus. Both of these situations is seriously putting my chances of getting to Obsidian stone at risk. Please Help!!!

Breeding event bonus and token bonus do not stack.

I’m talking about my missions. Sorry I should I mentioned that.

The token bonus does not stack on top of the normal bonus you get during breeding events. What you get with the token line bonus is basically the breeding event bonus…for the whole season.

As far as not getting any chests on your runs, all I can suggest is making sure you are attacking appropriately leveled bases. If you keep picking on the weakest your drop rates will be poorer. I personally haven’t noticed any dropoff in terms of chest accumulation so far on any of the accounts I fly.

I had an issue 2 breeding events ago (October) where I got zero chests, but was getting ruby drops during the event. Also was not getting the egg token boost from the event (I did not have the seasonal token boost).

Issue was never properly addressed by support other than giving me a chest for every 10 rubies and taking the rubies back, but I could run Xonn 4 times before getting a ruby drop (my account was around a level 25-30) and I should have gotten no less than 1 chest per run from Xonn based on my level. No one from the forums was able to address the issue. It magically went away the next event and I got my chests.

As others have stated if you got the breeding token bonus from the seasonal prizes it will not stack with the breeding event bonus.

Link to the thread I was talking with others about this: Where are the chests?

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