Chests? Where are you

So myself and some team mates are wondering where these chests are supposed to be, lol, we’ve been doing run after run, and like every 3 runs you might get one chest. Also has anyone else noticed the decreased rate at which random items will drop from boats, etc? Wondering if this is an actual issue?


I personally haven’t gotten any at all


Chests are dropping.

I hope you are not referring to Runic chests because you’re out of luck those don’t drop they are bought with rubies.

Otherwise chests like bronze and silver and gold do drop (as a reminder you can’t open silver chests until Runic chests disappear :wink:)

I haven’t gotten any on main; this account they are dropping as usual :woman_shrugging:. Should be used to it by now.

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are you playing atlas or regular?

i am just wondering as last event i did 3 days straight of strictly running atlas and got a crappy 70 bronze chests (i do a ton of runs)

got fed up and and started running my regular xp bases. 2 days and got just over 140 chests.

to me it seems drops are garbage in atlas, and couple that with a lot of monuments that can’t be killed with sorcerers makes it even worse.

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Chest drop rate is relative to your level and strength vs base level and strength. The higher away from your level you hit increases your chance of chest drops. They drop separately for different players in the same run. You might get 2 chests but the teammate following gets 5.

To increase your chance of more chests you need to attavk bases stronger than you. I suggest backup. :blush:

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Or use Necryx… :stuck_out_tongue:

NO chests on Android so far for me :frowning:. ran a whole night and still no chests :frowning:

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They come and go during events, as always. Beginning to wonder if they have it tied to number of players online or something, because during peak times, I can get 4-6 chests from a single run, yet during off peak times, I might get 1 every third battle…


As usual, they probably forgot to turn them on for us.

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I played a year ago and the chest drop rate was higher for silver chests. PG plays with the rates too much.

@PGEggToken @PGJared @PGCrisis please turn on chests for Android. I ran so far 100 bases and got no loots, no chests, no rubies

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They need to put more event based prizes in the few bronze chests we do get! No inners or energy yet!

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You’re much too experienced for me to ask this but I got to cover all bases - you’ve restarted the game right? Re-install?

game crashed 5 times so I guess that covered the restart part lol. let me try reinstalling

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So far I’ve been getting chests . Seems like the higher lvl the base, the more chests

lol. You must be kidding. How high do I need to hit. I hit from Invader base to 60+ level above me (sometimes 100+) and 0 chest

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