Chimerak is dying


I have sent several tickets regarding this dragon inability to stop dark flanks this was the reason i spend so much money and sigils to get the first dragon against dark flaks .actually for some weird reason he dies so fast when a dark flak is near isnt he suppose to be resistant to this towers , and the ten responses are thesame we are working on it . Meanwhile nothing stops this dark flanks and the devs are working on so many issues that i just dont believe them anymore , about a year ago i experience another dragon dying on thunder and he was thunder resistant and guess what it never got fixed , will chimi get fixed thats a good question .



Chimerak does not have dark flak resist.
Are you talking about Leos?
Just FYI, dark flak resist does not reduce damage of dark flak supershot. It only reduces dark flak normal attack damage by 70%.


They said they fixed it really


HOW about all the pots that i lost while at war , and energy used , did anyone else that experienced this problem got anything in return for having this issue , like always im sorry i am sorry we want no sorry excuse we ant something to compensate this happenning to us.


Nothing wrong with Chim getting killed by a flak. What’s the issue here?


He is resistant to dark flaks he should not die


:joy: since when!? He has archer resist!

@ModMat @Psarus let’s close this. Another rant with no basis in fact


Again, since when?

Original announcement:

It has always had archer resist.


READ the devs. Responses the dark flaks 40 level was crushing them he is a dark dragon he was sold to us for resisting dark flaks


HE is a dark dragon. The resistance came because he is dark u get it is not on his abilities


A dark element dragon IS NOT dark flak resistant! Plus you keep saying devs change this or that. What have they changed exactly?


He is right, Element and Resistance are two different things.

Support was talking about this:


Seems legit :thinking:


I apologise for being snarky. Ok take two.

Tower resists are spells. These can be natural spells or equipped spells. Dragon element doesn’t really do anything except in relation to the effect of elemental totems and rider gear.


This rates right up there with flat earth theories, and crop circles. I suggest you ask questions before you get upset about things. It’s simple… element means that when on a perch it states it has a resistance to a certain type of dragon attacking. Meaning an ice dragon will have a hard time killing an ice dragon on a perch…When flying, the totems can create a resistance to your dragons element type. This also effects dragon rider gear that can be worn on your dragon.
In reality the element is designed to work against your dragon when flying. Meaning bases can protect against certain types of dragons.
The only flying skill your dragon receives from element is rider gear.

Dark flak resist would state just that as a passive skill on the left of your screen when flying or in the train tab on your dragon menu.

Hope this helps and the world is round in case you were wondering


WOW dont you get it when they show the season it was written on top dark flak resist get it read the responses that i rceived from the dseason gelopers that know more than you


Um ok flat earther. We shall part ways here. :roll_eyes:


MY complaint is simple they knew the dragon was failing his promise , the ad was dark flak wont do damage to your chimerak i went all the way to obsediant and little stupid dark flaks were killing him and lost so many pots and so much energy but never got anything to compensate


@Smaugh4Life I’m trying to explain and if there was anything that said dark flak resist at the top of a forum post please show us here… I want to say it was talking about with in the season and if I’m correct I believe that one of the other dragons had a dark flak resist but not chimarak… You haven’t devoted very much into game if you invested much into a warrior thinking it would offset the game for you… only 4 warriors have ever been a decent addition to any arsenal. Ammy, algor, necroth and skarr. regardless if you have played a year than you should realize that ignorance does not constitute a responsibility on behalf of pg to compensate you. Each tower resist has always been clearly labeled under dragon as a passive skill. This has always been the way it is. Element has never protected a dragon from a tower. My guess is that you put the normal effort into this game and seasons as everyone else. You went with your choice of Dragon and you were unhappy with the choice you made and you are looking for an excuse to get something free, because you think you found an out. Well I’m sorry but dark flaks are one of the strongest super shots in game and if it kills your warrior then I think drago from rocky 4 said it best… If he dies he dies