Chimerak needs runes


What runes can you use on chimerak other than earthcuake


Wisdom and rage

What are the best runes and glyphs for Chimerak?

May be archer resist? They don’t have any other uses any way :frowning:


Someone in my LC said she uses the explosive rune with the static shield on Chimerak and it causes a double blast when it explodes.


I have been contantly bombarded by one of my players that Chimerak shouldn’t go with other resistance glyphs. I understand that defence is never too much. If someone know anything different please let me know. Thank you.


Correct me if I’m wrong but maybe this player of yours meant that it is useless to put a rune or glyph with a resist your dragon doesn’t have because it only increase the resist a dragon possess.
However if you equip a consumable resist spell to your Chimerak, this consumable resist can be improved by the runes you equip on Chimerak. But without the consumable spells, resists runes and glyphes that don’t match your Dragon original spellset are useless.


Isn’t it what I just said? :thinking: Or did something get lost in the translation?


yeah sorry. exactly what you said :P. only skimmed through the post


Thank you for the clarification.


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