Chimerak Rune Layout


Self explanatory. This will most likely look like the usual “go with rage”, but I’d just like to see if there are any other possibilities. I spoke with PG about the Double Impact rune possibly working. I was using Chimerak when I received an egg token mission for explosive shields. His static sheild actually completed the mission.

They responded by saying that the Double explosive rune would not function when they tested it(worth a try right), and they were investigating as to why Chimeraks static shield would operate as an explosive sheild for token missions. They also assured me they’d have some sweet runes out for him real soon. Maybe…:man_shrugging:t3:


Hahah thinks I was just talking about this 3 days ago


I have the rune installed for my Chimerak, and although I don’t see it work every time, it is working for me. Sometimes the second explosion gets lost with all the other things blowing up too.


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