Chisels as a season branch

This 100%… it wont hurt them if we freely move our runes anyway… oh yeah, it will, :triumph: runic chests :man_facepalming:t2:

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Halleluyah!! Early christmas for everybody!!

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I am not sure about 1000 chisels but something needs to be done to even it out. We get a mythic like Noctarn, move and adjust runes because at that time its one of the best. Then a few weeks later they drop a mythic hunter and again it is outstanding and you want to move to that dragon but cant because there is no way to move the 1-2 runes needed.

I started just before Skarr was introduced…i wanted that dragon. Anyway, point I am getting to is that Runes seem to be hard to find. I have 1 Mythic Ammo, 1 Mythic Hunter HP, 2 Mythic Rage…so yes I would love more chisels or if that’s not the answer maybe better drop rates on runes.

Also the comment about before only being able to remove 5 ever…that’s not entirely accurate. PG wasn’t always tracking and players would get runes moved 2-3 times each season as a 1 time courtesy.

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I know for a fact I had mine moved a bunch of times. Didn’t cost any special currency before so why should it now?


Yes some people lucked out with support messing up and not applying the limitations, creating a nice bit of random imbalance between the lucky ones and the rest. Fortunately that’s at least fixed now.


I disagree. It just costs something now. I’m not saying that previous was fair by any means but at least it didn’t cost anything 🤷

Please dear god let’s stop proposing fixing economy issues by forcing us to pay for it. This needs to stop. As you say they minutiae this enough


I think thats fixed. I know that I was able to remove 5 on my main…then tried and was told not happening. On an alt I have I moved 5 multiple times.

That makes things very unfair and creates unbalance…this new method while costing something is fair. All players get the same amount of chisels…its not like heavy spenders get more.

I just want to see where we can make a dragon pretty good for the 1-2 months we have them. Yes I am at endgame so its a little different. But for the most part players should be cycling to the next tier or seasonal mythics in that time frame. Some maybe sooner.

this is exactly the problem with the current system. Why can’t we remove them for free once the dragon is say 2 tiers old or 6 months old for seasonals? My Lucian has max mythic runes on him still and I can’t remember the last time he saw the light of day. Hell looking at it, my itzani still has a couple runes on him i haven’t been able to remove yet.


On second thought, screw having a requirement for moving runes. If i find that maybe more ammo or more rage or whatever is more beneficial for what i use that dragon for then why not be able to make the change easily

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lol…cause then players will change all day long to find the best combinations to make dragons OP. I am not against the chisels just want there be a way to get more.

If they gave enough chisels in a season to swap 5 mythics around. It would be perfect.

I myself do not have 5 mythics I would be moving but currently I destroy my legendary wisdoms because chisels are more important, but would rather remove them so i can use on next dragon that needs 7B xp to level

Like what ? Besides clocks I don’t see any other rss more valuable than chisels. Embers and black pearls are all over the events in quantities I don’t even need in the quantity I have.
Give me a possibility to change any valuable rss (not timers though) to chisels and I’ll do it gladly.

At the time, everyone had one maybe two dragons to use for a looong time. From 0 to obsidian, that was a lot of time to use the same dragon. Now, it’s no longer the same thing for those who are at N tier. Even in the season, I chose anything valuable over a dragon because a legendary is worthless against mythic bases. So yeah… chisels are needed since what you get from the silver chests is laughable at best.

Lol what makes you think that? There has been a new tier every 6 months for at least 4 years now. Endgame dragons always went by fast.

Depending on where you are at in the game I’d say that answer varies. Anywhere below extreme endgame Id take timers or tokens over chisels any day.

Hell im one breed from abyssal and I’ve had mythics that have stuck with me for literal years I can’t actually remember when I last swapped runes, or took them off, or destroyed them. They won’t make me more relevant, I’m not end game. When I get to end game, sure that may change but for now I would take almost any resource over chisels. Timers. Tokens. Embers. Pearls. All of them

Noctua? Kinnara? Hau? All went well beyond their tier…I am sure if I spent some time I could find some more.

When PG shifted to the tower jumps of 5 levels at a time it reduced dragons usability, they have shifted back to the 2-2-1 upgrades so dragons do last longer now.

but there still should be a few more chisels in the game. I am thinking 500 chisels spread out across the entire season. If you choose to blow it all when you get it…that’s on you. Those that plan have the ability to shift 5 mythics around 1 time per season. If they save and plan for the following season…then its 10 mythics…

seems like a pretty solid way to keep balance in game, keep players happy, and not get a pack for chisels added to the store.

Hey if they want to throw a few chisels in the seasonal lines, not remove anything in exchange, and not increase the price, I’m fine with that. Or make it a choice.


There are now in the PvP 96 chisels available. So up if you do the math, it’s more than 500 per season. In my opinion, and OP opinion, not enough. PG introduced a new tower line, why not making a RSS line ? Add in there chisels, embers, black pearls and let people chose. I am sure many of the endgame players will chose these lines over the crappy legendary dragons that have a life expectancy of 2 months.

Are chisels in every PvP? I feel if they were then I would have more than enough to move things around.

Someone already answered this. The life expectancy of a dragon at endgame level is in reality 3 months if you are lucky. Which was not the case in the other years. Noctua, Jormungard were dragons that could be use to hit bases above their tier. None of the last three tiers are able to do this (empyrean, abyssal, eldritch). Without the runes and glyphs they just aren’t viable. And the bases are now a lot stronger than at the time.