Chisels in season event branch

It would be great if every season there are at least 100 chisels that’s what it cost to swipe a mystic rune so it would be nice to be able to use that feature please add more chisels in each season branch thank u

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It is. 120 (140 if season starts with pvp)
:see_no_evil: Gasp, I read it wrong.
Yep, 396 chisels at least

Isn’t it something like 66 chisels per pvp? (From memory. 20 chisels is just the final achievement.) With 6-7 pvps per season, it’s definitely more than 120-140 chisels total.


Correct, 66 chisels in the pvp rewards (x6/7 in season), and 100 chisels in the exotic rune branch last season. Not really a treasure trove, but enough to do something.


Yes (my fault, as reading “individual amount” as sum, sorry)

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or 300 for 3 mythic runes/glyphes. :man_facepalming:t2:

Would be a good optional pick in rider lines so you dont have to get the crafting scrolls.

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