Choice of island theme


Can we please have a change in what the island looks like , I’m so tiered of looking at same old thing every attack, my suggestion is have a player choose a theme for his island ie… modern city look, Stone Age, poler ice look, desert :cactus: look , Roman look , something new anyway thanks


Version 4.80 Release Notes <-look here


That would be nice, lmao, I would choose a dark haunting theme :eye:‍:left_speech_bubble:


I’d just like the option to switch between all the past seasonal themes and see them when attacking. I really loved the Springveil map… and the skeleton whale from last fall. I hope that comes back too. :t_rex:


As PGMichael said

We currently don’t have any plans on bringing that map back any point in the near future. Due to the size of each map and the constraints that it has on game startup times it is a big project which requires a lot of time and thought. But we definitely are discussing the possibility!

Although I like the old maps, I prefer not going over my data allowance :see_no_evil:


Yes! That map was amazing :heart_eyes:


Maybe we can have a snow at New year?:heart:
Will be so sweet
Don’t laugh,but I also loved NS’s Christmas horns :speak_no_evil::see_no_evil::joy_cat:
Don’t kill me​:speak_no_evil::laughing:


Do you have one with pirate theme?
It will match with the event better IMO.


I feel like I know you but your IGN does not ring any bells whatsoever.


Lol, does it help that I change my name every hour to second day?


I know, I know, lol. :t_rex:


Not In the slightest.


Hm, we’ll message me from where you possibly think it is


Are you new to game or something and I’m just confusing you with someone else you remind me of?


Maybe, but I change my name a lot, but only played 2 moons, I really want a haunted forest theme :sob: :eye:‍:left_speech_bubble:


Ahh okay.


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