Choose your shards

Ok, so it’s a baby step in the right direction, but why on earth would I pay $100 for 275k of a specific shard when I can get 5 x 75k = (hang on, lemme take off my shoes…) 375k shards AND more scrolls for the same amount of money?
Unless I absolutely don’t need anything but 1 type of shard, this just doesn’t make sense. Oh, and the kicker? They’re both 75% discount :rofl:


Hurry, before they run out of stock and the shards will be full price again!!!

I know, I know, but still can’t digest those discount numbers… They just look so alien.


100k shards and 2k scrolls seems like a pretty deep cut…just to get all of one type.

PG math. Whats good for them, is good for them…


Player happiness my ass…

Another kick in the nards.


Seriously… Holding out for improvements is getting old. There isn’t a lot of good remaining in this game. PG needs to give us some hope or just go ahead and shut it down. Damn.

Their mantra has always been the more specific the items in a pack, the less value you get because you’re buying exactly what you want. :man_shrugging:

This will never change so I’m not holding my breath.


Convenience tax, pretty much


I’d love to hear them try to explain how those packs have the same value, when they don’t contain equal numbers of the same items :man_facepalming:. Yet another fail, PG. Quit the shady shit and do better.


I think the US goobermint applied a tariff on wherever PG sources these shards.


Maybe they are importing from China…

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So, 275k shards gets me 2-3 levels on one piece of gear IF I have the secondary shards already. For $100 I am not interested.

What would interest me for $100 would be 1 million of one shard type and 750k of a secondary shard type. And I get to pick both types. You can take that back to the marketing department.


I could probably be enticed to spend a little money on this game outside of both elites but not at these prices. I’ll just continue to grind my a$$ off and keep my money. I want a decent value for my money but apparently PG don’t have a clue how to price their packs to entice non-spenders.

I’ve spent thousands on this rediculous game… and I think this is stupid as well. Terrible value and what’s worse they treat us like idiots.

Yes the more you treat us like idiots for spending the more we realize we are and stop spending. The 75% off thing is once again proof they think we are stupid.


Had to :see_no_evil:


Remember the runic chests… 12k rubies. We are delusional if we think they will change their tactics. Except the token scaling thanks to Red, what else they did to help the players???

They would rather make changes to this than actually improving the daily offer or regular packs :unamused::man_shrugging:

But they are looking into it :slight_smile:

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Expect an answer the day after the packs are gone.

Cause it was off topic?

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