Christmas is over and winter sucks

Can we get rid of the snow now?

It makes it nearly impossible to see the storm tower shields. Other than that, the snow theme is awesome…


It also makes it almost impossible to tell back blues from back reds on Long Island until it’s too late :squint:


Even the front ones. It gives me a headache :dizzy_face:

Due to the expected food shortage from the feeding event, snow clearing dragons are on strike.


I Thought it was Winter theme! And winter is still alive and kicking people! Just don’t know :man_shrugging:

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Only 6 days into Winter in the Northern Hemisphere.


I like the current theme. And I don’t have any problems seeing anything in it.

I vote to leave it through the winter season.


Winter is Comming :dragon_face:

What the???

It’s still winter.


There we go. It is officially still winter, as PGJared has pronounced it to be so!

If I see my shadow we’ll get a few more weeks of winter.


You are doomed to keep your eyes closed til Spring then!

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Quick, surround Jared with floodlights

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Jared Frost. The personification of Winter in War Dragons universe.

Could someone please put his avatar bubble on a snowman body, since we are deprived of snowmen or snowdragons in the Winter theme layout? :joy::joy::joy:

@PGJared sorry, I’m in a banter mood :laughing:


Jared’s secret identity as a mutant groundhog has been revealed.


There ya go, buncha Scrooge’s, changed the thread title.

I’m just trying to point out that the game IS harder to play because you can’t see storm shields and as someone else pointed out, it is difficult to distinguish red and blue mages from each other.

So if we are stuck with this awesome, although flawed, theme until whenever, ok, so be it. But it WOULD BE NICE if we NEXT YEAR you take into account being able to see things…you know, kinda like that glow in the dark, neon, GUI?

Sure! I’d love to hear how you’d like us to change the theme.

Yes, radioactive Christmas - excuse for more green is always a good excuse :heart_eyes: . Though if there are any red-green colorblind people :see_no_evil:


Making storm and ice shields a color instead of white, so they stand out instead of blending in with the background would be great.

Dunno how to make blue and red mages and better against the white background. Maybe they’re only really hard to see when they’re shielded?

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