Christmas present


Don’t we all have a dragon of a previous saison, who is short of an evolution stone?
Woudn’t it be great to get one mysterious evolution stone as a christmas present? One stone that could be used for every saisondragon to evolve it to a higher tier.

What do you think about this idea?


No. please try not to ask PG to give stones for old/extinct dragons to evolve them to higher tier.


@PGJared can we close these duplicate “prior divine evolution stone” posts?


Sounds like a very good idea to me.
Or perhaps it could be included in the Seasons in some way?


Yes please. It’s getting ridiculous and repetitive.


It’s an epidemic



Get better at season planning if you didn’t get as high as you wanted or move on and get the new dragons anyway.

Stop asking for handouts like this.


Red you took the words right out of my mouth!!!


Why should They give something out for free that the other people, that already do have it, had to work so hard for. I’ve only been playing 1 year and missed out on a lot of the divines before they had seasons. And if you actually play this game you don’t see anyone attacking with any of those dragons. Why bring it back??? It’s like going back to your ex that wasn’t that good (if you know what I mean) anyway…


Can I get an old mythic, with a side of obsidian stone…and a shake? :thinking: ‘Tis the season.


Instead of an evolution stone, I’ll just take $1,000. Or Noctua + $1,000.
Would also accept a year in speed ups and enough lumber to max out my base. While we’re at it, I’d love a custom exclusive dragon that only I can have and use, with a spell called Entitlement that destroys all the bases with one cast. :innocent:


Is there any type of waiting period or controls to prevent brand new users fom coming here, reading ZERO posts and creating something repetitive? There is way too much of it lately IMO.

For instance make someone wait 72 hours before posting. Or have a first time posters post be review queued. Or something?


Or increase the number of moderators so they can watch and remove duplicates


So is that a no on bring evolution stones for previous season dragons back? Asking for a friend…


Again? FFS people…