Christmas theme?

So we had a Halloween theme that caused crashes. But no Christmas theme?

you mean no christmas theme crashes?

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Lol, no. I want a Christmas tree on my base… With presents everywhere.

you worded it like you want the christmas theme to also have crashes lol.

They tried to, but it was a fire hazard with the active volcano right next to it, so they just gave us the winter theme.


We all had premature gifts, and they were literally all over the place.

The gifts

You are insatiable, aren’t you?

Not everyone celebrates Christmas.

Not everyone celebrates Halloween either. Try again

I don’t see why you’re pouting about no Christmas tree. Significantly less people celebrate Christmas than Halloween, and think of it more of a “spooky” theme for the season and winter theme for the season.

Yea, there wasn’t a great pumpkin on the base. Who cares? You have a white Christmas in game, can’t you accept that? If not, complain about the lack of snowmen too.


Can I demand green lava? Orange isn’t a Christmas color :angry:


I was thinking it’d be cool if they made the lava bluish-white to fit in with the rest of the winter theme :laughing:

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So, we have 2 days till Christmad, PG has to give us Snowmen, Xmad trees, gifts on the bases! Plus a Santa hat would be nice in the Armor section. (I know it’s discontinued, but it’s Xmad!)

And a comic relief: while flying the dragons should fart the Jingle Bells.

That would be cool, they made it green for Halloween. So why not?

Oooookaaaaaayyy someone needs a timeout @ModMat @Psarus


This escalated quickly :rofl:


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