Chunk been nerfed?

So i think pg killed chunk i noticed he has super rejuvenate and it only lasts 4s but i have a glyph that adds 0.32s so im not sure if im reading it wrong but shouldn’t it last longer that 4s and i don’t noticed that it heals over time it stops at the end of 4s and it only gives a small amount. I use him for assault event.

That is a difference spell than the one on the rune/glyph

So i didn’t count towards rejuvenate?

It counts for “Rejuvenate”, not “Super Rejuvenate”. Runes/glyphs are word sensitive thus only buff spells that share identical names.

To make matters worse there’s two spells that are called “super rejuvenate”. One, white and 2 rage, on chunk; the other, blue and one rage, on Amarukh and several others. I believe there is a “super rejuvenate” glyph out there that only works on the blue version, not the one chunk has.

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