CHUNK! Real or not?

I want to see the belly flop!

supposedly real in another thread


Real :+1:

He’s beautiful. Should have been a mythic though, that much raw adorableness cant be contained within a mear legendary


Cute but lack of tokens steers me away. They’re needed for my wall :unamused::unamused::confounded:


Agreed, and his spell set is just bleh. The only good thing is he eats lumber to level. Which makes me wonder…will eating lumber count for the feeding event? If not, PG might want to mention that before they get a bunch of tickets and threads from pissed off people.

If he is <1000 tokens i’ll get him. Worth it for the fun

I already have 140k tokens saved up so 1k isn’t much for me to have a bit of fun with, only like 20 minutes of missions :slight_smile:

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140k from zero last WEEK?


Only 62k here

Real LOL and cute as heck in my opinion.

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Hope he has some kind of special effect like Kirin’s glowing. He’d look adorable on a perch

Well it’s a blue dragon, aka it’s going to take next to nothing to level him cost wise. This isn’t an answer to your question but this dragon won’t be scoring big points regardless in feed event


He’s actually useful for us who started after the big black pearl drought. As a level 75 my perch is still below level 10 so I can only perch blue or lower, which means I couldn’t get the hp bonus for having a Legendary Warrior there. But now there is one, and he’ll look awesome on a perch I’m sure…


I know, but every little bit counts, especially as hard as it is to get food during the feeding event. I assumed it won’t count for feeding, but others I know assumed the opposite.

I probably won’t get him anyway, unless he has an extremely low token cost. Asking that question was more to prevent threads and tickets from appearing once feeding rolls around.

Edit: Crisis said there are no plans to add him to the feeding event.

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Should get Beavareemp/Beaverok on April Fool’s day damn it

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Wait, levelable with wood and not food.

FFFFFFSSSSS you’re trolling me

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Now we have one dragon which can be leveled up using wood…
Will we have one which need ice / fire shards, or even elemental embers?

Shhhhh :worried:


Chunk / I keep thinking of Goonies movie :joy:.
Sounds like a fun addition to the game :+1:t3:

Chunk is both real and perfect.


Please nerf him. He’s too cute. :eyes: